Pro-Trump Republicans Are Strongly Anti-Media, New Study Notes | Beaufort County Now | It does not take an advanced logician to deduce that GOP voters can smell a rat when they see and hear one — and other observations as a result of a Pew survey

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Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    A mere 16 percent of self-described "politically astute" Republicans think the America media act in the best interests of the public, according to a new Pew Research Center report, as noted by The Washington Times on Sunday.

    The data are composed of information collected from 50 surveys on the question

    The same study, on the other hand, found that Democrats completely disagree with that assessment - and that 91 percent of this group believes the press acts in the best interests of the nation.

    If any numbers illuminate the rabid political bias of the U.S. media today, it is that disparity between GOP and Dem voters.

    It does not take an advanced logician to deduce that GOP voters can smell a rat when they see and hear one - and that politically active Dems know a friend in that same scenario.

    "Republicans who strongly approve of the job [President Donald] Trump is doing are far more pessimistic in their evaluations of the news media than other Republicans. And Democrats who are most disapproving of Trump's job performance are often more supportive of the news media than Democrats who disapprove less strongly," noted the Pew study.

    The group also found that merely 20 percent of Republicans think the media have high ethical standards - while 64 percent of Dems believe the press meets high standards of ethics.

    Majorities from both major parties think the press does not deal fairly with all sides, however.

    Only 37 percent of Dems thought the press was consistently fair with all perspectives, while a low 12 percent of GOP voters believed the same thing.

    Many people on the Left blame Trump for the poor ratings of the press.

    Christina Bellantoni, who had been a reporter with The Washington Times and is now director of the Annenberg Media Center at the University of Southern California, has a different view.

    "I don't think Trump is to blame for the state of how people feel about the media. He exemplifies what the media gets wrong, and people are craving a more informed conversation," she said, as The Washington Times reported.

    The major media in this country need only look in the mirror to comprehend the lack of confidence Americans have in them.

    Beginning long before the Trump administration and going back at least to the American presidential election of 1964, the press has vilified conservatives and Republicans in what is essentially a center-right nation.

    The cumulative effect is therefore not surprising.

    But even if it was, there's this: The recent coverage of the impeachment hearings, and indeed the coverage of Donald Trump overall ever since he became a serious presidential candidate, would disabuse any fair observer of the idea that the mainstream media act in the interests of anybody but themselves and their leftist allies in the Democratic Party - and throughout our culture and society.
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