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Vows To Take Super PAC in General, Despite Being Against Them NC GOP, cal cunningham, super pac, dark money, march 6, 2020
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Cal Cunningham's Dark Money

Press Release:

    RALEIGH, NC     Cal Cunningham, who needed $13 million in outside support to get through the Democratic primary, continued his hypocritical stance on dark money yesterday. In an interview with Spectrum News' Tim Boyum, Cunningham said he will not disavow Super PACs that support him in the general election, claiming doing so would be "out of his control."

    SPOKESMAN QUOTE     "When it comes to Super PACs, Cal Cunningham wants one set of rules for himself, and another for everyone else. "Instead of being a hypocrite on dark money and claiming he has no control over the liberal special interest groups that back him, Cunningham should return the $10,000 maximum donation he received from his Super PAC, VoteVets."

    Watch the interview HERE.

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