Despite Video Evidence, Rayshard Brooks’ Attorney Claims ‘It Was a Nonviolent Situation’ | Beaufort County Now | As another martyr emerges for the anti-police movement to rally behind it is becoming clearer and clearer that their message is devolving.

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Despite Video Evidence, Rayshard Brooks’ Attorney Claims ‘It Was a Nonviolent Situation’

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Adrianna San Marco.

    The death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, Georgia has ignited national outrage. In the wake of Brooks death protesting has started in Atlanta where rioters burnt down the Wendy's where the incident occurred.

    Police responded to a Wendy's after calls came in that reported Brooks had fallen asleep in the drive-thru line. When officers arrived at the scene they asked Brooks to move his car from the line and administered a sobriety test which he failed.

    When the two responding officers attempted to arrest Brooks he resisted and punched an officer in the face. Video released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation shows Brooks stole a police taser and attempted to use it on an officer as he was fleeing. Officer Garrett Rolfe then fired three shots at the back of Brooks who died later that night during surgery. Rolfe has since been fired and could be facing murder charges.

    In an interview with MSNBC Rayshard Brooks' attorney, Chris Stewart, claimed that the officers and Brooks had "a very polite exchange" prior to him being shot. He went on to state Brooks "could have run away and they could have caught him in minutes." Stewart continued "there was no reason to shoot him in the back."

    Stewart told MSNBC "It was a nonviolent situation. People can't say he was doing something crazy where he needed to get shot or needed to get arrested." Apparently assaulting and attempting to tase an officer is completely nonviolent. The attorney also stated "it shouldn't have happened for falling asleep. It's devastating." Both officers remained calm and civil through the entirety of the exchange with Brooks. Violent action was not taken until he resisted arrested and attempted to harm officers.

    The left is attempting to paint the death of Rayshard Brooks in the same light as the death of George Floyd and others that have died at the hands of police. This is damning to their campaign as it delegitimizes the actually wrongful actions taken by officers. Comparing the violent struggled initiated by Brooks to the tragic death of George Floyd is wrong and counterproductive.

    As another martyr emerges for the anti-police movement to rally behind it is becoming clearer and clearer that their message is devolving. The death of Rayshard Brooks is not equatable to George Floyd and its disgusting that the left would try to push this agenda.


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