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When Will Enough be Enough?

    Have you had enough of the far Leftist insanity of the Democratic Socialists, their Fake News propagandists, and their fabulously rich tech oligarchs, who possess the evil spirit to desire to own your communicative soul through constant digital intrusions?

    Have you had enough of the "woke" Thought Police, who hate truth, but love to design what you can say about the evils you see wandering about grasping for power; always demanding more of the power to pounce on your Constitutional rights, to deny you of your God given freedoms, your freedoms to know and espouse what you know to be true?

    Have you had enough yet? I have. Truth be known, I had enough almost a decade earlier when I saw all this on the Democratic Socialist horizon. What I saw then; the sowing of this evil, stupid seed; is being reaped now, and I warn everyone: You either stand up to this insane evil, or you will lose your Republic to what Satan has sown through his simple-minded Socialist minions.

    And what will be left of our Republic will be terrible, and if there are enough willing patriots, the ensuing civil war will dwarf what began in earnest in 1861.

    Don't let this happen. Don't let others make this happen.

    Leftist Corporatists, and Democratic Socialists, who hate the real America that raised the patriots that have kept this Republic free, have now pitched a battle to destroy our nation as we know it, as our Forefathers knew it.

    Don't believe me? Keep watching ... everywhere.

Taking a break from this continuous stram of consious rant: If one believes my words are an empty reflection of an aging "White American male", please be aware that there are many more like me, who may be less or more advanced in years, that may have a decidedly darker complexion, or could be a whole other gender. Here is a stirring video from yet another regular guy, John Kane, who is speaking from his heart, and telling a number of real, sustainable truths: Below.

    I have kept my eye on this ongoing avalanche of vapid action unreserved for a more intelligent path, and what I was struck by just one day later was:

    Why are Democratic Socialists led by Leftist politicians who are so racially divisive?

    Could it be that, at their core, they are racists.

    Maybe it begins with the Democratic Socialists' trademark hypocrisy, and then just almost always devolves into those practiced identity based values that keep them so shallow, and completely devoid of any real principles.

    Could the absence of principles be why the Leftists are so enamored by mobs of people, many of whom do not work, will not work?


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