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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Corona Virus and the Big Fakes

    I have not written in a while, it is hard to know where to start. I am starting with "fake" because it is an insult to the thinking man's intelligence. Fakes bother me because, a fake is a lie, and a liar is stealing the truth from us. If liars will steal they could steal our life.

    No doubt, all of the representations about the number of cases and the severity of the virus on normal people is all lies. Yes, I use the strong word "lies". It was a lie for the press to mis-represent the number of deaths in China. I do not believe the stories about bodies piling up and bringing in refrigerated trucks to store bodies.

    Our national experts, Fauci and Birx, did not fool me after the third time I saw them on Television. They are both phonies. Their talk and opinions about data, data, data and testing, testing, testing was all phony. For example the State of North Carolina collects influenza (virus) data every year and posts it on line. Key in "North Carolina Influenza" and you will see the same thing I see. Notice the virus season begins in November of each year and ends about the third week in April. You can go back about 20 years on this web site and you will see the same thing. The same pattern for this data holds true nationally, across continents and even for this hemisphere. Here again Fauci and Birx had to know this. I am not a doctor but I am a lowly member of a Board of Health who sees this information every year. They had to know. Did they bamboozle the President of the United States?

    Today the fake media is working hard to invent high rates of the corona virus in order to keep the public panicked and extend the shutdown. Do not look at the percentages, look at the total number of cases. They are all very low. Compare the number of cases to the population.

    Governors and mayors seized the opportunity presented by a panicked population to shut everything down. This is the first time this has ever been done in the United States. Normally we quarantine the sick to protect the well.

    These fake leaders were mainly interested in destroying the economy in the belief this would help defeat Donald J. Trump. Just as the fake virus was beginning to fade away a black man was killed in Minnesota. The same mayors and governors who so enthusiastically shut down the economy encouraged large scale protests, looting and rioting by refusing to enforce the law. All for political purposes.

    The economy has been destroyed but we will not experience severe economic distress until after the November elections. Here are the reasons. There is always a lag in impacts from negative economic events. Usually from three to six months. Also, the large amounts of money dumped into the economy will float it until at least the November elections. The Democrats have made a serious timing miscalculation in agreeing to dump all that money on the American people. At this point in time, the President gets a credit for helping to save us from the virus, and providing money to everyone.

    The only hope the Democrats have is to continue the keep commerce shut down and allow the rioting to continue. They hope enough people in the middle of the political road will become unhappy and vote for Joe Biden, in order to change us back to where we were before the virus. Little do they know they are voting for socialism and communism.

    The Democrats do not have a gladiator to take on Trump, so they are taking unhappiness to your living room and your street. We know a lot of the violence is funded by special interests.


( June 22nd, 2020 @ 3:42 pm )
"Did they bambozle the President"? Hell yes they did and should be put in prison for it.They are nothing but democratic terrorist.

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