Evidence That Americans Are Fighting Back, Figuratively | Beaufort County Now | Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker challenges the notion that Americans are willing to sit back and take whatever government dishes out to them.

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Publisher's note: The author of this post is Mitch Kokai for the John Locke Foundation.

    Andrea Widburg of the American Thinker challenges the notion that Americans are willing to sit back and take whatever government dishes out to them.

  • ... [T]he Antifa and Black Lives Matter insanity we're seeing is a purely leftist phenomenon. This leftism is not just because of the obvious fact that the activists are leftists; it's also because the cities that host their often theatrical violence are leftist too. ...
  • ... [A]fter having their spirits battered by the one-two punch of (arguably unnecessary) lockdowns and the leftist attacks on America's Democrat-run cities, Americans are coming back. The latest resurgence of the American spirit took place in Fort Collins, Colorado. ...
  • ... On Saturday, hundreds of people attended a "Back the Blue" rally to support their local police. Black-clad people, whose clothes identified them as Antifa, showed up as a counter-protest. Their presence did not sit well with some of the attendees at the pro-police rally.
  • A video emerged showing a Back the Blue contingent slow-marching the Antifa crowd out of the neighborhood. ...
  • ... As the walk continues, the Back the Blues are not violent, but they are angry, accusing the Antifa horde both of being disrespectful to veterans and being communists. Significantly no Back the Blues are making racist comments. Their anger is entirely about their disdain for the counter-protesters' political ideology. ...
  • ... Fort Collins isn't the only fighting back going on. The Daily Mail has a big photo spread showing hundreds of people walking through Beverly Hills for a MAGA/#WalkAway rally. As you look at the pictures, you'll see that the crowd is more racially diverse than the average leftist rally. It's also a crowd that's having fun and is peaceful.
  • People are fed up with the left, they're getting their spirits back, and they're remembering that America standard for one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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