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What Would the U.S. Be Like if the Democrats Won?

    For all of you Conservatives and unaffiliated voters who claim to support Conservative Principles but remain strong Anti- Trumpers, I pose the following question. What would the Nation, State or County Look like if the Democrats win the election?

    Federally the Anti Trumpers should consider what Biden/Harris and the rest of the Democratic Party will implement if they get the majority. Let us start with the Supreme Court. Do you think it is an accident they refuse to answer if they would pack the Supreme Court by adding multiple Justices? They plan on Changing Senate rules and eliminating the Filibuster so they can force through the additional Justices. In addition they will push through universal health care most likely providing a single payer system. Convinced to vote Straight Republican yet?

    The Democrats would take steps to eliminate or modify the 1st and 2nd amendments. Free speech would be modified to not allow 'hate Speech'. What is hate speech? Anything they want it to be especially if you disagree with their policies and are vocal about it. They want to disarm you as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Their point would be so no one has guns. That would end up leaving only criminals with guns along with their hand selected enforcers. Are you ready to change your mind yet?

    In an effort to maintain power they would use their majority to add 2 additional states, (DC and Puerto Rico). They expect both to vote democratic thus creating 4 new Senators helping cement a permanent majority. Using that majority they will reduce Military expenditures. In addition, they would expand social programs to illegals and grant them voting rights. Borders would be non-existent and the flow of illegals would be overwhelming to local economies. They would also force the tax payers to fund states that could not control their budgets because of their overspending and other policies. States that correctly managed their resources would be forced to support states that were wasteful. Convinced yet?

    In addition the Democrats would implement the New Green Deal closing down fossil fuel usage and, costing hundreds of thousands of jobs and spiking the cost of fuels. Taxes would go up to the tune of trillions of dollars. Biden admits to $4-5 Trillion which in fact means much more. Regulations would increase tenfold thus stifling growth. Actions would be taken on the Federal level to defund or hamper Police as the greater majority try to do their jobs to maintain Law and Order. Changed you minds yet?

    On the State level there would be an immediate increase in taxes as they eliminate the tax cuts implemented by Republicans. Businesses would stop coming, consider moving or reducing staff to meet additional costs. That costs jobs. Medicare would be expanded ignoring the tens of millions of dollars in waste already identified. Police would be further defunded and Law and Order threatened. Green energy programs would be put in place regardless of their cost or effectiveness. School Curriculums would add Social Justice Programs and bathrooms would become unisex as they allow people to go to bathrooms they identify with. Decided to vote Straight Republican yet?

    On the County Level taxes would increase and schools would be implementing programs that most likely will not agree with the local beliefs and morals. An example of that would be the implementation of the 1619 project. That is a topic for another column.

    If you are an Anti -Trumper and believe that anything would be better than reelecting him and the Republican ticket, yet consider yourself a Conservative that supports American values, then consider the above. Is it worth Letting the Country slide into socialism and one party rule or vote for a person who may be rough around the edges but everything he does is for the American people as he works to make America great again!!!

    Vote Republican straight down the ballot (you must cast a vote for each office)! There is no longer a "straight ticket" option on the ballot.


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