It was a Week ... Again ... of Rants; Continued in Segments - Volume IV | Beaufort County Now | I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994.

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    I speak my mind whether my audience cares to hear what I stand and deliver, or not. This is a transparency /honesty feature that erupted in me many decades ago, when I was first elected to the office of Beaufort County Commissioner in November, 1994. It was then that I decided, should I do this job right, honor the position /the office, then I should never really consider re-election, and to that end, always be honest and transparent in my duties, and how I represent such.

    This post that I submit here on BCN is a collection of rants that I submit to Facebook, which I have not incorporated into any other opinion to date. These comments of mine are quite raw, succinct and mostly regard this crazy political season on our national stage, where there is no shortage of substance, yet a true disparity of truth coming from the Democratic Socialist Leftists. Therefore, it is my option and pleasure to extend my efforts to keep the reality of it all transparently active.

    I have always wondered from whence these rants of mine originate; could if be my bitter honesty, or my quickened consternation for the Propagandists running the Fake News roughshod over real Americans, pounding the lot of us all a little bit further down by their Leftist activism. Regardless, it is within me, and through these rants if becomes completely out of me for a while, and that is my free right to do so as per our First Amendment guaranteed right, which, as publisher of a very large informational platform, and far less partisan than any propagandist outlet, I hold very dearly.

    Here below is a collection of these professions of my perspective beginning October 1, 2020, with a continuing list of all such posts here:

Big Trouble Brewing If There Are No Truthful Answers - October 22, 2020

    The Biden Campaign is lying on the Hunter Biden /Joe Biden allegations of Selling USA Government Access to Foreign Powers, and there is a reason for that: Joe Biden is a confirmed liar, and everyone that makes political decisions within his campaign is a confirmed liar.

    To perpetuate that these allegations are "bogus", even though the FBI is in possession of Hunter Biden's laptop, in association with a larger money laundering investigation; the Biden campaign is brushing off this very serious investigation. Amazingly, the Biden campaign is colluding with the associated propaganda outlets (Fake News advocates - CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, etc.) that the Laptop, the emails, the corroborated verifications are part of a "misinformation campaign by" ... wait for it ... "RUSSIA."

    This stinks really bad. The Democratic Socialist Liars (and that includes the Fake News propagandists) that prosecuted a Fake Impeachment against President Trump is now still screaming RUSSIA! on a damning allegation that needs to be addressed and properly refuted.

    Selling access to any government body, if true, will not only get you Impeached should it be Federal (and if there are enough patriots in congress), but will put the perpetrator in jail for a long period of time, irrespective of the governing body affected.

    Every honest federal, state and county politician /government official knows this. It appears that Joe Biden may not believe that this applied to him.


Where Were the Democratic Socialist Senators? - October 22, 2020

    Amy Coney Barrett is passed on out of the Senate Judiciary Committee to the entire senate for nomination, passing on a vote of 12 to 0, with the Democratic Socialist not showing up to do their jobs for the American People and their constituents back home. They elected to boycott the vote, with their votes effectively counting as abstentions, which is well regarded as a coward's vote.

    Instead of doing their jobs that they are payed by all of us to do, they placed placards of images of other people, people other than themselves, which seemed like a mass, coordinated effort of the Ineffectually Stupid to me.

    If these Democratic Socialist cowards served on a governing body, like the Beaufort County Commission, their votes as per North Carolina general statute would have counted in the affirmative; unless, however, they were given an exemption by a vote of those present to be absent.

    No real politician that is a patriot would ever give a political boycotter, a political coward that exemption.

At Least There are a Few Journalists Remaining - October 19, 2020

    President Donald John Trump just decried the Biden family as a "Criminal Enterprise".

    Where is the FBI? Why is this President, his family and his associates suffering the angst of an illegitimate 3 year investigation and a Fake Impeachment by unscrupulous Democratic Socialists and nominal Republicans, while Corrupt Joe Biden does not suffer any tough questions from the Fake News, and will not allow himself to be interviewed by any real journalist, at anytime, anywhere?

    Why is this President, his family and his associates slandered all over Social Media, while real reports by real journalists - not the Fake News - are censored by the Democratic Socialists who own and run Facebook and Twitter?

    Now, I want to know everything that is on that laptop owned by Hunter Biden. You should want to also know every salacious tidbit on that laptop owned by Hunter Biden.

    Covid Joe has slandered a very good President since he decided to run for president, a job he is not intellectually suited to handle. Now, it is time for Joe China to finally tell the truth. It is time for us to know what is real if Joe the Fool should be elected president.

    We deserve to know all there is to know. This is our Republic, our ancestors died to protect this nation. We deserve the TRUTH, and may the Fake News - "The Enemy of the People" - be damned.


Tony Bobulinski Steps Up to the Mircrophone - October 22, 2020

    Tony Bobulinski - a former Navy officer and business associate of Hunter Biden, who held the proxy for Joe Biden - has spilled the beans on a corporate charter gone bad, where he professed that he not only had direct contact with Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden as well.

    Understandably, Ly'n' Joe Bid'n' is denying everything. The problem for Corrupt Joe, there is some alleged corroborating evidence on three phones that Mr. Bobulinski will provide to Senator Ron Johnson tomorrow.

    The one issue that should astound everyone, shock everyone, and warn everyone of this reality that is indisputable: The propagandists organizing the Fake News outlets (NBC, CNN, ABC, NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, pick any other Democratic Socialist publication, etc.) could not find their way to that news conference, and probably will not cover this very real story now, or during this election cycle.

    Why? They don't care, and you do not need to know.

    Currently, former US prosecutor and NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani is being slandered as a "Russian Agent" as parroted by these Fake News fools. Remember the Nick Sandman settlements for slander and Libel.

    At some point these propagandist fools will face more lawsuits since it is more and more established that, because of their supposed fealty to the First Amendment, and currently unrecognized by these propagandists advocating only for Democratic Socialism at the expense of reporting real facts, they are inarguably "the enemy of the People" - you and me, who will still stand as patriots.

    Accordingly, there are no patriots in the Fake News, not one, which begs the question: Why do Democratic Socialists only consume Fake News sources?

In Retrospect, the President Made Tactically Won the Debate - October 24, 2020

    President Trump is a decent debater, but not great; however ...

    Mr. Trump is still plenty good enough to have devastated Ly'n' Joe Biden, even after 4 days of his constant prepping just to stand on the same stage with Mr. Trump (who was visibly tired from constant campaigning - 2 and 3 massive events per day), and Mr. Trump still killed the Lying Fool - Covid Joe.


    By putting this pathetic non patriot idiot, Joe Biden, in a position to play that Lying Fool on national TV, he now will lose the vote of every undecided voter that has some semblance of a full working brain.

    In the intellectual capacity category, or lack thereof, Covid Joe obviously does not possess a mind that fully functions, and what does function is fluidly dishonest.


Should President Trump perform his Constitutional duty and appoint a third Supreme Court Justice, or wait until it is suitable to the Democratic Socialists in congress and the media?
  Yes, Mr. Trump has the Constitutional duty to appoint a supreme court justice and the U.S. Senate is constitutionally sworn to "advise and consent".
  No, it is too close to the election of president, and the while Democratic Socialists do not have control of the U.S. Senate, they do have the control of the U.S. House and the media.
  I don't pay attention to these sorts of things.
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( October 22nd, 2020 @ 4:09 pm )
I seem to Remember that the Democratic Socialists used a Fake Impeachment to rattle President Trump during the beginning of the Covid Pandemic, citing an open phone call to Ukraine where the Bidens were mentioned, and he thought an investigation might be in order.

What hypocrites, every last one of them. They know most American's do not have time to remember the reality of this kind of thing.
( October 22nd, 2020 @ 12:45 pm )
Why do I do these Rants?

I try to pay attention and apply what I hear to what I already know. I always hoped it might make a difference.

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