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Biden regime wants to flood America with illegal aliens

by John Steed
At a time when many Americans have lost jobs or businesses due to the lockdowns associated with the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, the incoming Biden regime wants to flood America with illegal aliens.  Biden's people are moving quickly on two fronts to accommodate illegal aliens at the expense of Americans.
Biden has announced a new amnesty plan for illegal aliens in the country by January 1, 2021 which he will submit to a Democrat controlled Congress, which is at least 11 million illegal aliens and may be as many as 22 million.  It will include a pathway to citizenship after 8 years and green cards almost immediately.
It is still unclear what health care rights will be included, but in Democrat primary debates, Biden agreed that illegal aliens should have access to Obamacare and other health programs.  That could crowd American citizens out of health care in our own country.  His program is also likely to put them on social security rolls at some point, which will contribute to a much quicker bankrupting of Social Security for American seniors.
Foreign immigrants who apply properly for immigration are required to have a sponsor who will guarantee they do not become a public charge for 5 years.  Biden's bill is not expected to require that for illegal aliens.  Biden's bill in many respects puts those who have deliberately broken our immigration laws in a far better position than those who have applied legally.
On another front, Biden's DHS nominee Alejandro Mayorkas has told the Senate committee considering his nomination that he will not commit to NOT tearing down the border wall built during the Trump administration.  This indicates that there is a big chance that he may do so.
Democrats, with the connivance of the GOP Congressional leadership of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, put provisions in the omnibus spending bill passed last month that will significantly cut detention beds for illegal aliens who are apprehended, leading to more "catch and release" situations. It also hamstrung border enforcement in other ways.  That bill was rammed through Congress without anyone being given time to come close to reading it.
Buoyed by an "open borders" Biden regime. illegal alien caravans are already moving up from Central America to crash the US border.
The presidential debate moderators from Big Media in last year's presidential debates covered for Biden by refusing to ask a single question on immigration, an issue that polls showed was a top issue for American voters.  Instead, they asked multiple questions about climate alarmism, something polls show most voters do not care about.  The pro-Democrat debate moderators did this to run cover for Joe Biden so voters would not see how radical he is on amnesty and immigration.

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