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2022 will determine what happens in 2024

Diogenes Lamp by Ray Leary

As adults over 21 years old, we understand of what a contract is composed. It is a document that specifies what each party to the contract will fulfill to the other parties signatory to the contract. Typically there are some penalties for failure to execute the performance metrics identified that each party must abide by. Some examples of these penalties is that if only 75% of the contract is completed, then only 75% of the formerly agreed to payment will be made. If the product or service fails to produce a guaranteed result or fails to meet performance standards agreed to in the contract, the party failing to meet the standard must mitigate the failure or be subject to non-payment for the service, or a percentage of the agreed upon payment will be withheld. There could be civil or criminal prosecutions for failure to perform.

How is this different when a candidate for elective office makes known he/she will support certain initiatives upon election and this announced support results in a voter casting their vote in a primary or general election for the candidate who indicated support for an issue he/she also supports? Have you, the voter, and perhaps thousands of other voters, not signed a contract with the candidate to do upon election what he said he/she would do upon garnering the most votes to place him/her on the general election ballot or propel him/her into office at the general election?

What recourse do voters have should the candidate that courted your support, obtained the majority or plurality of votes to win a seat in whatever government institution he/she was seeking, then not support the issue upon which you supported them with your vote and/or monetary support. Campaign donations are a very personal decision that can have significant impact on a person’s individual finances. If you vote for a candidate and financially support that candidate, you do not expect them to suddenly take a position contrary to what they told you during the campaign for the office. This is a fraudulent action, in that the elected official has failed to fulfill his/her contract with the voters, and in North Carolina, there is very little you can do about it except to vote for and support a different candidate during the next election cycle.

However, let’s take a look at the party platforms. Party platforms are a set of principles and priorities that have been agreed to at the local, state, and federal levels by political parties as guidance to those seeking offices and principles they agree to adhere to upon election. Should a voter study the party platforms and listen to the wanna-be elected official espouse that same platform which the voter supports, the voter would then have a reasonable expectation the candidate can be trusted to do what he/she says they will do once installed in office. But, in many instances…they don’t.

What if the candidate you believed would honor their words failed to do so? What if the candidate, from his/her first day in office collaborates with the opposing party to undermine the party platform they whole-hearteningly embraced during the campaign? Referring back to the parties Plan of Organization of the elected individual, you notice there is a section that references ‘party disloyalty.’ This section of the Plan of Organization also has a remedy for those that display disloyalty in word or deed.

From the Beaufort County NC Republican Party of Organization Section 5-2.J and .k– March 2019

5-2.j. Any registered Republican using a current or former title as a Party or elected official on the Republican ticket to influence the outcome of any election against a Republican Nominee may be declared ineligible to hold office under the State Plan of Organization at the State, District, and Precinct level for Party disloyalty by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the State Executive Committee.

5-2.k. Charges of Party disloyalty may be brought by petition of fifty (50) members of the State Executive Committee, or by resolution of a County or District Republican Executive Committee. The State Executive Committee may declare a Republican found to have engaged in Party disloyalty as ineligible to serve in any office under this Plan of Organization for a period of time between six (6) months and five (5) years.

They may be removed from the party leadership by a vote of the party executive committee. Is this likely to actually happen?

No! It will not happen in Beaufort County, NC.

Why, you ask? - Because principles mean nothing to those that only seek power and the voters in Beaufort County have become numb to corruption. They have given up. This is evident when one looks at the voter turnout in off-year non presidential, state, county, and municipal elections. There was tremendous voter participation in 2020 in the presidential election, but their enthusiasm in North Carolina did not result in President Trump being re-elected. So, what will these enthusiastic first time voters in the 2020 election do in 2022? - Nothing. The election of 2020 was so corrupt in a few states that Joe Biden has now been installed in the office of the President of the United States. If this can happen on the national level, why should anyone vote in a state, county or municipal election?

Rather than voters in NC hastily and irrationally withdrawing their participation, they should consider these facts. According to America Thinker, January 21, 2021, “Republicans control the majority of state governments now. Republicans control 32 upper chambers (vs 18 for Democrats) and 30 lower chambers (vs 19 for Democrats) with one TBD in Alaska.” This means Republicans will control reapportionment in a majority of the states.

All seats in the US House of Representatives are up for election in 2022. Twenty (20) US Senate seats are up for election in 2022. One of those is an open seat in North Carolina with Senator Richard Burr stepping down. All seats in the NC House and NC Senate are up for election in 2022. The NC house and senate members serve two-year terms.

Given the angst that many feel over the 2020 presidential election 2022 could turn out to be a very good year, but only if patriots in every state demand their legislatures to invalidate illegal voting changes made to their election processes by unelected election boards, secretaries of state, governors, and members of the judiciary, all of which are contrary to the US Constitution. The US Constitution is very clear. The state legislatures have sole responsibility to establish the times, places, and manner of holding elections in each state. (Article I, Section 4, Clause 1) All of the state legislatures have the Constitutional authority to correct the illegalities perpetrated in several states prior to and during the 2020 Presidential election.

If Joe Biden (Usurper-in-Chief) working in concert with the extreme leftist in congress, or through the use of executive orders fails to return the economy to pre-pandemic levels or fails to reduce the reckless spending by big government, all the while trampling on the Bill of Rights, then every vote will be needed to place conservatives back in the majority in the US Senate and US House in 2022. At this time, it does not look good for US citizens, taxpayers, and users of fossil fuels. Joe has shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, throwing thousands out of good paying jobs. Will the US continue to be energy independent? Gasoline and diesel fuel prices are ticking upward.

Please do not allow those that invalidated your contract (vote) in 2020 to do so again in 2022. Contact every elected representative in the NC House and Senate and demand they return integrity to the elections in North Carolina. Their office addresses and phone numbers are on the NC Legislative website. Make plans to attend events when they are in the district and personally ask them to take back control of elections. Government of, by, and for the people shall not be allowed to perish.


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( January 23rd, 2021 @ 10:04 pm )
They gave an oath to protect and defend our constitutions. Put up or shut up.

I wish I could get my money and my vote back every time I've been burned by a fraudulent candidate that transformed his/her position once in office. I wish I had sued party entities for committing fraudulent advertising on a number of occasions for standing behind candidates that do not remotely resemble the party platform (I think there was some such suit in Virginia not long ago).

In the 2020 elections there were many outright departures from constitutional election law in a variety of states - including North Carolina. Nobody can dispute that. In making the list of all that must be fixed, honest elections has to be first in line. If we don't fix that we are done. Legislators better fight like hell for their constitutional powers rather than surrender them with little more than a pathetic whimper.

All citizens should agree on the importance of election integrity no matter their party affiliation. Those that do not value election integrity are enemies of everything good our country was built on and are on a willful mission to destroy credible representative government and our way of life. This cannot be allowed.

It's really not too much to expect that we have credible elections and credible political parties. In fact we the people have got to demand it.
( January 23rd, 2021 @ 8:20 am )
Ray Leary is right on target. He makes a clear point about continuing to vote and push back on all fronts. Not voting is surrender. One does not need to be rude to succeed in pushing back. We need to use our imagination and not sanction all those nuances that support the left.
Even tiny pushes count.

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