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McCarthy backing may not save Liz Cheney

RINO House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has come out in support of embattled GOP Caucus chairwoman Liz Cheney. That may not be enough to save Cheney, and it is raising questions about McCarthy's own suitability for his own office.
Cheney came under fire when she blasted President Trump, blaming him for something he did not do, and then voted to impeach him.  She did that while holding the #3 GOP leadership position in the House.  Now she is under assault by more loyal Republicans on two fronts, a move to replace her in her leadership position in the caucus and a move to replace her as Wyoming's Congresswoman in the state's GOP primary.
Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) circulated a petition to force a vote on removing Cheney from her leadership position.  He needed 50 signatures of GOP Congressmen to force the vote but ended up with 115. a solid majority of the caucus. That is when McCarthy decided to try to intervene on Cheney's behalf.
Cheney is also under fire in the 2022 primary for her Congressional seat.  The state Republican Party issued a strongly worded statement denouncing her actions. Motions of censure against Cheney have begun passing at the county level beginning with the Carbon County GOP.  Conservative State Senator Anthony Brouchard has filed paperwork to mount a primary challenge to Cheney in 2022.
In spite of McCarthy trying to save her, it sure looks like Cheney defecated in her mess kit. As the writer in the RedState article linked above pointed out, this also raises serious questions about Kevin McCarthy's own fitness to lead the GOP in the House.

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( January 31st, 2021 @ 9:10 am )
It is a weird dance that these two do on a regular basis.

Liz Cheney is leadership and she must go, and be gone. Never should any real Republican work with a Democratic Socialist non patriot to damage an often misspoken Republican, who did so much good for this Republic.

Plus, poor politicians like Mr. Trump, who are smart, and I will defy anyone in any argument that President Trump was not a brilliant leader (in his own unique way), who often turned out, in retrospect, to be so right on some very complex issues.

That is one reason Donald John Trump will always have my allegiance. That, and the man would fight for what he believed to right, and he fought for others, like me and many of you.

That is the politician that I respect, the one I will forever emulate his core governing values.
Jim Cox said:
( January 29th, 2021 @ 10:15 pm )
I'm no apologist for McCarthy but he is playing a public part. I know! I read the part where only 50 signers were needed to petition to get Cheney out of her position within the party leadership, and 115 were collected! But Cheney was on McCarthy's team and I'm sure he felt compelled to defend least a little bit. Remember how "Turtle" McConnell publicly announced Trump's words inspired the 'insurrection?' Then he turned around and stifled the sham impeachment. I'm not saying to not give McCarthy or McConnell a public chewing out; I'm just saying watch what actually happens. Of course, giving them hell in print might actually help them to stay on the correct path.
( January 28th, 2021 @ 8:17 am )
Oops, a typo! Liz Cheney's re-elect number is only 21% in that poll, not 31%. The poll was done by one of the country's leading pollsters, John McLaughlin.
( January 28th, 2021 @ 7:52 am )
New polling shows Liz Cheney losing her GOP primary by a landslide 33 points. The numbers are State Senator Anthony Bouchard 54%, Liz Cheney 31%, undecided 15%. In addition, 73% of Republican voters and 62% of all voters have an unfavorable view of Cheney. She is toast and deserves to be.
( January 22nd, 2021 @ 8:50 pm )
Cheney's conservative primary challenger is an impressive guy. Anthony Bouchard won his state senate seat by primarying and defeating an incumbent RINO, and then beat the RINOs again to win re-election. Before running for public office, he founded Wyoming's leading gun rights organization. He will likely make mincebeat of Cheney. In her last GOP primary, Cheney ran against a political unknown who had no money and ran no campaign, only winning 75 - 25 against someone who nobody knew and did not campaign. Now she will have a real primary opponent who will be exposing her record.

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