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Joe Biden has a long history of falsehoods. They continue

Mama used to say:  “Don’t ever lie.  It will eventually come back to bite you…”


Andrea Widburg, writing at The American Thinker documents Joe Biden’s lies:

Trump was a boaster, a puffer, and an exaggerator, but he was always straight about the essentials.  Biden, on the other hand, is a stone-cold liar.  For years he lied about his first wife's death, and, beginning in 2019, he lied consistently about Trump's stance on white supremacists.  Biden has now added a new lie to his rhetoric: he claims that Trump is responsible for the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died of unknown causes after the events on January 6.

On December 18, 1972, a true tragedy struck Joe Biden: his wife, Neilia, along with his daughter, Naomi, died in a car crash when her car collided with a truck.  His two sons — Beau and Hunter — were both critically injured.  (Hunter's extensive head trauma due to that crash may explain a lot about his addiction problems and moral failings now.)

One would think Biden would have treated this horrific event with the dignity of being honest about it, but that's not Biden's style.  Beginning in 2001, Biden began to tell people that the reason for the crash was that the truck driver was drunk. For example, in 2007, he stated"

A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly — and I never pursued it — drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch, broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly and killed my daughter instantly and hospitalized my two sons.

The problem with that statement, which he repeated on other occasions, was that it was a bald-faced lie.  In fact, the responding officers explicitly stated that the truck driver, Curtis C. Dunn, was not drunk.  Indeed, he tried hard — and unsuccessfully — to avoid the accident and was deeply traumatized by it.

Another big Biden lie was his passionate embrace of the "fine people hoax."  The details of the hoax are here.  Briefly, Trump explicitly disavowed white supremacists and neo-Nazis back in 2017, saying they should be "condemned totally."  Nevertheless, the media blatantly lied, accusing him of calling those same reprobates "fine people."

Throughout his campaign, Biden relentlessly repeated this blatant lie.  When he announced he was running, he stated the lie, claiming that it had motivated him to run.  He repeated the lie again in June.  And then he repeated it again in August when he accepted the nomination.

Biden now has a new lie — and again, this lie originated with a dishonest media.  The lie is that Trump-supporters beat Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick to death with a fire extinguisher on January 6.  The Revolver completely debunked this story, showing (a) that the media's loudly repeated claims were fake, (b) that Sicknick said he was in fine shape after the events of that day, and (c) that there's a cover-up about Sicknick's actual cause of death.

The debunking was so comprehensive that, on Sunday, the New York Times was forced to admit that the other, fact-free narrative was wrong.

Law enforcement officials initially said Mr. Sicknick was struck with a fire extinguisher, but weeks later, police sources and investigators were at odds over whether he was hit. Medical experts have said he did not die of blunt force trauma, according to one law enforcement official.

It's noteworthy that, while the Times and other leftist outlets trumpeted the fake fire extinguisher story, the above paragraph is buried deep within a larger story about the violence that affected police officers.  This solicitude for law enforcement is a sea change from the Times' cavalier attitude towards BLM's and Antifa's brutal and deadly assaults on police officers for large parts of 2020.

The fact that the Officer Sicknick narrative has been soundly debunked doesn't matter to Biden, a man comfortable with lies.  Despite promising that his administration would be all about "unity," Biden opened his statement about Trump's acquittal by repeating the Officer Sicknick lie (emphasis mine):

It was nearly two weeks ago that Jill and I paid our respects to Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who laid [sic] in honor in the Rotunda after losing his life protecting the Capitol from a riotous, violent mob on January 6, 2021.

The remaining language from the "unity-bringer" is equally divisive and inflammatory.

Biden is now what he has always been: a dishonest, nasty, morally corrupt man.  Obama was Dorian Gray — the pretty face of the left.  Biden is the actual picture of Dorian Gray, dragged out of the attic and on display so all the world can see the rot that infects the Democrat party.

Source:  Biden lies about Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick's death - American Thinker

Bless us and save us.

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( February 15th, 2021 @ 9:54 pm )
My father told me years ago: If you tell the truth, you only have to tell it once.

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