Virtue Signal Joe: Flashes of the Surreal, and Then: "The Weird Turned Pro" | Beaufort County Now | He shuffled to the podium at the entrance of the East Room in the White House, and then he spoke about the one issue that is forever on his politics first mind - Covid.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
    Surreal - one example; Joe the Virtue Signaling Fool, fully vaccinated for months now, walked down an empty, voluminous hallway by himself to the podium at the entrance of the White House East Room, where all media is more than 15 feet distanced, in a room with a very high ceiling. You can't make-up this level hypocritical stupidy.

    Fortunately it was a short address, and ended with folks like me wondering:
   What was that supposed to be?

To borrow from the vernacular of "Dr." Hunter S. Thompson - "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" - Virtue Siganl Joe is that pathetic "pro"; as a politician, as a human being, when that shiver of weird travels up my spine every time this Imposter President speaks, or something resembling speech, I am painfully reminded that I know his kind.

    He shuffled to the podium at entrance of the East Room in the White House, removed his trademark mask, and then he spoke about the one issue that is forever on his politics first mind - Covid. Throughout Democratic Socialist Joe's campaign, he cynically employed and then stoked the fear of the evolving pandemic, stepping hard on all sides of the issue, using the immense Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media to cover his hypocrite tracks as he struggled to develop his Covid position. First he argued: for 'keeping our borders open to China'; then against closing our borders to Europe, that 'Mr. Trump was over-reacting to what may be no more than a flu outbreak'; to "President Trump was not listening to the Scientists", and was not doing enough. For those of us not stupefied by the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media misdirection policy, we who actually pay attention to reality, our heads were spinning by the constant vagaries of the Biden vernacular, lacking any real substance except Democratic Socialist politics and talking points - cynical to the extreme.

    Now, because of a systematic Democratic Socialist process of rigging, or attempting to rig the 2020 presidential election in every battleground state, We are stuck with this broken minded man, or his Socialist Sidekick for the next four years. My advice: Be prepared for all things resembling danger by staying very aware.

Imposter President Biden continues to misrepresent the reality of the Covid pandemic, and even takes full credit for the effects of President Trump's Operation Warp Speed. Just watch and listen to Joe the Fool: Below.

    I leave you with this one thought: When Virtue Signal Joe does that voice activated whisper fart inflection thing, should you believe his sincerity; that he actually cares about you /US? Additionally, if you subscribe to the theory that Joe Hypocrite is that "pro" politician, who has always well known and contributed to what is truly "weird": Should you be so naive as to buy into this madness of legitimizing a verifiable fool?

    The Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media; the Corporate Elitists, who regularly use Simple politicians as meat puppets; and, the One World Government gang, keeping our military as its policeman, all of whom do so very much believe this, and this Fool President1 is their perfect puppet to string along.

    What do you believe, and where do you stand?
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( March 18th, 2021 @ 7:07 pm )
The Xiden address was one of the creepiest things I have ever witnessed.
( March 17th, 2021 @ 10:09 am )
This post started off being written about 3 different ways, so, I just finished it, and am preparing to relate Joe Biden to what it takes to govern Beaufort County in the beginning of a poorly considered Socialist society, which he is part of creating, where those in charge within the Central Committee rarely have effective IQs in the triple digit range.

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