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From The Daily Haymaker we learn:

The NC Association of Educators has had a stranglehold on public education for decades.  They’ve pushed far-left issues inside and outside the classroom.

Now comes our new Republican lieutenant governor deploying the fire and fight many of us wish the previous LTGOV had.   Mark Robinson’s plan to probe and root out bias in education has apparently inspired some competition for the NCAE:

A new North Carolina teacher association launched this week, to provide benefits and solidarity to teachers focused on traditional education, to unify parent voices, and to advocate for students’ rights to learn without indoctrination. Carolina Teachers Alliance  is a statewide organization based in Wake County and was founded by college adjunct and former Wake County Public School teacher, Amy Marshall.  

The announcement of Carolina Teachers Alliance’s launch came a week after Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson’s announcement of his new anti-indoctrination task force, in effort to clean up the political push in some classrooms to tilt student opinions to the radical left. Lt. Governor Robinson has endorsed Marshall’s organization. “There is a need for an alternative NC teacher association, one whose focus is on forwarding the academic achievement of North Carolina’s children without indoctrination in the classroom. Carolina Teachers Alliance has my full support,” said Lieutenant Governor Robinson. 

“I started Carolina Teachers Alliance in part to provide North Carolina teachers an alternative organization that supports their right to teach without being forced to deliver lessons involving political indoctrination. Many teachers are afraid to refuse to teach non-academic content being prescribed by some districts, for fear of retribution, including demotions and job loss.” said Marshall. “I was one of those teachers.”  

Carolina Teachers Alliance is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association, whose mission is to be the voice of Carolina educators that empowers members to provide the highest quality, unbiased and achievement-driven education to all children. They offer paid tiered memberships to all school staff, student teachers, parents, and community members. All school staff become covered under their liability insurance and legal plan upon joining, and all members receive their nationwide corporate discount program benefits. Membership classifications, pricing, benefits, and merchandise can be viewed at their website Also, all new school staff members receive a free T-shirt with their membership. 

“Our members enjoy better benefits for half the cost of other educator associations. We provide robust professional liability insurance and legal coverage, a national corporate discount program, professional development, National Board Certified Teacher mentor sessions, and events. We are the unified voice of Carolina’s traditional teachers,” said Marshall.  

Marshall is also a WCPSS parent and understands growing parent frustration with the lack of curriculum transparency and the increase in non-academic content being prescribed for lessons and teacher training. “Carolina Teachers Alliance isn’t just for teachers, but for all school staff, parents, and community members who want a strong, quality, unbiased education for North Carolina’s children, to prepare them to be productive American citizens in a competitive world market. We believe parents are partners, not obstacles,” said Marshall. 

Carolina Teachers Alliance intends to be a unified voice for their members to local and state policymakers on education. Carolina Teachers Alliance counters the North Carolina Association of Educators by boasting better benefits for half the cost. Just weeks after the teacher advocacy organization filed for incorporation, twenty percent of its fundraising goal was met, not including pre-launch membership and merchandise sales. “We have been inundated with requests about our launch from teachers, parents and community members, and we are just getting started. Carolina Teachers Alliance is excited to connect with people from across the state,” said Marshall.  

Carolina Teachers Alliance will be holding statewide launch parties on Saturday April 17, with one happening in Raleigh. Visit, to learn more about taking back education. 

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