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    Everybody in America has had an opinion about the censorship of Big Tech, crossing all political boundaries. But until now, no one has made the case of how this all got started. Many people have been focusing on the why and there have been a number of political opinions depending upon whether you are conservative or liberal. However, a couple of months ago, we came into possession of some documents which would seem to answer the unanswered question.

    The documents that we received revealed that Congressman Adam Schiff had written to the Presidents of Google, Facebook and Twitter. He suggested that there was so much disinformation about the origins of the covert 19 virus, on the internet, that these firms could deny access to or limit this "disinformation" and focus this issue on the WHO version of the facts. In so doing, Congressman Schiff created legal peril for himself. He is a lawyer and should have known the basics of "Master-Servant" relationships, otherwise known as Agency, where the master directs the servant to do something or to take some action on his behalf which can ultimately make the master legally responsible for the acts of the servant. Apparently, Congressman Schiff did not recognize the potential impact of what he was doing, but now, we have a member of Congress directing third parties to take action on behalf of the Government of the United States. Merely discussing this matter with the Big Tech firms had no significance. But when the firms took action based upon the Congressman's letter, the agency relationship was created.

    In order to understand the meaning of "agency" and "Master-Servant", consider this: If you and a friend are at your house and your friend wants to borrow your car to run an errand, that is a bailment and there are no legal implications. But, if you ask your friend to take your car and go to the store on his behalf, if he gets in an accident, you are going to be legally liable for his negligent acts. That is what we have in this case in clear and unmistakable terms.

    In order to make certain in our assessment of the legal liability issues, we had this matter examined by two different law firms. Both have said that our legal theory is correct and legally valid. So, the question is, what do we do now. I have submitted a cover letter and copies of the documents to Congressman Greg Murphy as well as the Attorneys General of Texas and Florida plus the American Conservative Union and the Center for Law and Justice. We need a lawyer and law firm that has political muscle and influence in order to pursue this matter in the courts. When the situation first arose, I contacted Sen. Bob Steinburg and furnished him with the documents. He in turn sent them to NC GOP Chairman, Michael Whatley. Thereafter, various appointments with the Chairman had to be canceled. When he got back from CPAC, he advised that a meeting regarding this matter would have to wait until after the State Convention due to conflicts in his schedule with the county and district conventions. Therefore, I took it upon myself to take the actions stated above.

    It should be noted that the original letter from Congressman Schiff dealt with covid 19. But once the door was open, Big Tech just marched right on through knowing that they had a green light from an influential member of Congress. Now, not only have they used delisting of political post by the President of the United States but also a great many others. It appears that they see themselves as sole arbiters of right and wrong and what is good speech and bad speech at numerous levels of society and political interaction using social media. Not to mention the self-serving actions they took to remove Parlor, and up-and-coming rival.

    To everyone that reads this article, it should be patently clear that our free-speech rights are being infringed upon practically every day. If we do not do something to stop this practice, we are going to wake up one day and the America that we knew throughout our entire life will be changed forever.

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