How Far From Your Childhood Home Do You Live? | Beaufort County Now | As you can see, I’m about 495 miles from Dunbar, WV — my hometown.

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    As you can see, I'm about 495 miles from Dunbar, WV — my hometown. But I've also been 251 miles (Greensboro, NC), 507 miles (Atlanta, GA), and 2324 miles (Santa Clarita, CA). When I was young I repeatedly proclaimed that I'd never leave West Virginia, and meant it. I'm not sure what that was rooted in, but felt strongly about it. Then I began to panic as my 23rd birthday approached and didn't have jack-shit going on. So, I not only left my parents' house, but left the state. It was a sudden and out-of-left field decision, but I don't regret it. It worked out OK. I still love West Virginia, of course, but have had many cherished adventures since I left there.

    The reason I bring this up... apparently one of our kids is moving out this summer. He's also 22, same age as I was. But I feel weird about it. He has one year left of college, and I wish he'd just continue living here until he graduates. But, it's his decision. He accused me of talking him out of it the last time this came up, and he's absolutely correct about that. I tried to do it again this time. Oh well. Maybe it will do him some good somehow? He's pretty mature, so there's not a lot o' growing up he needs to do. Not like me at that age; I was a freaking basket-case. But, something maybe. We'll see.

    How far from your hometown are you? And if you're still in your hometown, how far are you from your childhood home? Please tell us about it. Use the comments.

    The boy, in case you were wondering, will be fewer than 10 miles from us. So, he's not venturing far. Just... out. Like I say, I feel weird about it. Sometimes this house seems pretty damned crowded with four adults living in it. But I get no joy from the thought of one of us not being here. I know it's inevitable, and the way of the world. But I don't have to love it, do I?

    In any case, how far have you ventured? Please bring us up to date on it.

    And I'll see you guys again soon.
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