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I Am Proud To Say...I Donít Do Facebook

I see that Facebook has continued its ban on President Donald Trump. That’s good thing because Facebook says he is a Bad Person and Facebook would not lie to us, therefore, he must be a Bad Person.

I know that Facebook is consistent, therefore, I am sure they must be banning All Bad People...Or are they?

I don’t have a Facebook Account but I just borrowed the account of a person who does have a Facebook Account and I looked up Vladimir Putin to see if he had a Facebook Page and I was surprised to find out that Vladimir does have one.

Here is what I found out about Vladimir from looking over a little bit of his Facebook Page...

  • He has 2,963,530 (and growing while I was looking over his page) people who like him or are followers of him or something like that.
  • He is a politician.
  • His page was created on September 16, 2012.
  • He wrote a nice letter to the Mexican President saying how sorry he was that a bunch of Mexicans died in that recent Rail Road Bridge collapse. (He must be a Good Person to write such a nice letter.)
  • On April 25th he wished everyone everywhere a Happy Palm Sunday and he was shown lighting a Palm Sunday Candle.

I sure am glad that Facebook allows Vladimir to continue to have a Facebook Page. If they had banned him, I never would have found out that he is such a Good Person...Or he is?

Would I kid u?




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( May 6th, 2021 @ 12:40 pm )
I have nearly a thousand followers on FB, and I have found that I don't spend much time on FB either, if, for no other reason, it is a huge time waster, and I despise their complete disregard of the First Amendment.

Timely post Alex for so many of us

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