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Spain shows how to do it - sends 6K migrants back
Even Spain's Socialist government is no longer playing patsy for illegal alien migrants illegally breaching the border.  A few days ago nearly 7,000 illegal alien migrants stormed the border at Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta and made into onto Spanish territory.  Spain rounded most of them up and speedily returned over 6,600 pf the illegal alien border jumpers back to Morrocco, the country they had crossed from.  None of them were citizens of either Spain or Morrocco.
Hungary has long taken a similar approach under its populist / nationalist Fidesz government.  Border jumpers are given an immediate pro forma hearing before a magistrate and immediately ejected back over the border.  A few months ago, when a large group of illegal aliens tried to storm a border crossing that had closed for the night, Hungarian border guards opened fire on them with live ammunition, driving them back.

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