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A new law passed by Poland's parliament and new administrative policies announced by the UK's Home Secretary Priti Patel have toughened both countries stances against illegal immigration.  The UK has seen a surge of illegal aliens crossing the English Channel by boat while Poland has seen a surge of Muslims and Africans fly into Belarus and cross from there.

Patel had previously announced that UK border forces would start forcibly turning migrant boats around back to where they came from. Now she has announced that members of British border forces would be granted absolute immunity from prosecution for any harm that befalls migrants when the boats are turned around, including drowning or other injuries.  She also announced new measures against countries which refuse to take back their citizens which are deported from the UK.  The UK will retaliate by refusing to issue visas to the citizens of those countries who legitimately seek to enter the UK for tourism, business, family visits, or whatever.

Poland's new law declares that someone who has illegally crossed the border is not eligible to request asylum, and directs its border forces to immediately return illegal border crossers to the country they entered from, with no opportunity for court formalities.  It also provides that anyone who has illegally entered Poland is not eligible to apply for legal entry for three years.  The Polish law also fully funds a tall and solid border wall with a sensor system along Poland's entire 250 mile border with Belarus.


Poland, along with its neighbors Lithuania and Latvia have deployed army troops to their borders in recent weeks to help border guards stop the entry of illegal aliens.  Lithuania's Interior Minister directed her troops to use whatever force was necessary to stop illegal aliens entering the country.

The UK's measures to turn back the boats is similar to Australia's highly successful Operation Sovereign Borders under former Prime Minister Tony Abbott which broke the back of migrant smuggling into Australia by boat.

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