Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is Giving the Left Fits | Beaufort County Now | Robinson views governing through a limited government lens, with a heavy dose of individual rights and liberty. Those views are informed by his strong Christian faith.

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    Our Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is giving the left fits. He is passionate, articulate, unwavering, Christian, and the biggest sin of all-Conservative.

Robinson views governing through a limited government lens, with a heavy dose of individual rights and liberty. Those views are informed by his strong Christian faith. How dare him! It is absolutely fine today to inform your views with your Islamic faith, or your worship of Mother Earth and global warming or, “infallible science”, but absolutely not Christianity.

    Mark Robinson grew larger than life from an impassioned speech he gave about gun control. His position in essence and simplified was why remove Constitutional rights from law abiding citizens because of the bad guys? Perhaps even unknowingly he hit the nail on the head of our current biggest cultural and political trend, victimhood.

A significant part of our citizenry believes the sins of others, on others not them, justifies sweeping government programs and mandates the purpose of which is to “punish” categories of people for the problems other categories of people are mired in.

    You see this evidenced in all the attempts to erase history. Despite pointing out how the world’s historic villains used this strategy in nefarious ways, the loud chorus of whatever we think is bad or whomever we think is bad must go, often prevails. This angry vengeance is seen even at the local level. Even here. The effort to remove the Pasquotank monument to the civil war dead seems obsessively determined by our County Manager and the majority of Commissioners who voted for it. It was shocking to read how dismissive the County Manager was of those whom he serves when he flippantly declared who has standing or not in the face of a judicial ruling stopping the process of removal until a case against doing so could be heard. When did the democratic process, separation of powers and the public become so insignificant to those in authority?

    We expect those serving us to understand their historic tenure, including preservation of history, but instead we heard Commissioners explain their position in favor of removing the monument based on emotions. I am very appreciative of the contrary logic of Commissioners Lavin and Meads. We need more like them. There are many things about history I find disturbing and that is exactly why I want history preserved, not erased and certainly not rewritten. Those proposing the current path however, seem very interested in repeating history as long as they can define the bad guys this time. That isn’t resolution, it is retaliation. If you complain about governments choosing policy based on things like how a person looks, but your solution is to base policy on how someone else looks- you are sadly vengeful and willing to target people long removed from the evil you base your contemporary proposals. Robinson calls this evil and divisive-and it is.

    So our Lt. Governor, like Dan Forest before him, targets the modern effort to sexualize all things-including our children’s education, as evil- and it is. He targets the efforts in our children’s education to distort history and broadly define the new bad guys based on what they look like through Critical Race Theory, as divisive and evil-and it is. He targets the government view, those representing the government, and those aspiring to represent government like Terry Mcauliff who claim government knows best about our children’s education and there is no role for parents, as divisive and evil-and it is. He challenges the Department of Justice declaration parents are domestic terrorists because they dare get involved with the elected body they elected that administers their child’s education, while encouraging and approving organizations like Antifa and BLM that have actually been involved in violence, as evil and divisive-and it is. The fact our Attorney Generals’ son in law owns a company that provides CRT indoctrination materials to schools surely has nothing to do with his self-interested posture on the issue!

Robinson pushes back against the unconstitutional effort by government to selectively “inform” the citizenry about “science” to force sweeping mandates that affect the ability to even work, while in order to redistribute wealth-except their own, doing all they can to additionally burden those who do work. He says this undermines our country’s unique foundation of liberty-it does.

    Mark Robinson boldly faces the left's anger and vindictiveness. Their increasing calls for him to resign because he dares defy their insistent group think. Never mind he was elected by the majority. He doesn’t “deserve” to remain in office because he has conservative views. He doesn’t conform. He doesn’t fit their mold. He calls out this effort to shame him for his views, evil and divisive, the insistence of an oligarchy, not a representative democracy. And it is. Many call Robinson a hero-and he is.

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