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The New York Times expose on the fake "green jobs" in the US has now been followed by a similar article in London's Daily Mail, exposing the green job hoax in the UK.

The New York Times article had exposed the fact that not only were the number of jobs related to wind and solar power much less than had been hyped, but the jobs were mostly physically grueling and low paid, both in building and operating wind and solar power facilities.  This contrasts with the many well paid jobs in building and operating conventional power plants. The Times pointed out that most of the good jobs in wind and solar were in China where the equipment is mostly built

Now the Daily Mail has chimed in with a similar analysis of "green energy" in the UK.  While Scotland had been promised 28,000 manufacturing jobs in offshore wind, the number turned out to actually be 1,700 at its high point and that number has since fallen. Most of the equipment is being made in southern China.

That brings us to North Carolina and who sold our state out to Red China on this green energy debacle.  The sellout was House Bill 591 and the scoundrels who sold us out were Senate President Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore.  They and the sheeple in the legislature have instituted a debacle that will make the ChiComs billions while shackling North Carolinians with sky high electric bills and unreliable electricity.  Maybe we need chants of "F*ck Phil Berger".

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