Biden / Kerry Great Green Reset helps China, hurts US | Beaufort County Now | NC RINOs crooked HB 951 does the same thing

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In America, it is called the Green New Deal, but internationally it is part of the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset".  The goal is to eliminate CO2 and to do it with expensive and unreliable wind and solar energy.  Many national governments, including our own, are even using the WEF's own slogan "Build Back Better", although they avoid another WEF slogan "You will own nothing and you will be happy," which is more telling of where they want to go.

Most of the elites lap up this destructive nonsense, but some see through it.  Dr. Vaclav Klaus, immediate past President of the Czech Republic, for example has termed climate alarmism as "a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today." 

Once the people understand what the Green New Deal / Great Reset's CO2 policies do to their standard of living, they object. In Switzerland, it was put to a national referendum of the voters and the plan to reduce CO2 was voted down by the people, losing in 24 or the country's 28 cantons.  In the UK, major pollster YouGov found that by a 16 point margin, the British people wanted a referendum to be able to vote down Boris Johnson's anti-CO2 policies.  A new political party, the Reform Party, which describes Johnson's CO2 policies as "net stupid" has reached double digits in the polls, eating away support from Johnson's Conservative Party.

Breitbart has a great article on how these Green Great Reset policies of Biden and Kerry are a gift to Red China while screwing the American people:

Here in North Carolina, our people are being screwed the same way by the climate alarmist zealots and their fellow travelers.  Our RINO legislative leadership rammed through NC's own Green New Deal / Green Great Reset in HB951 using underhanded legislative tactics that destroyed legislative transparency to do it.

Citizens of western countries are in the crosshairs of the world elitists who want to break us by driving our energy rates into the stratosphere.  This fits China's goals exactly as China has hundreds of new coal fired power plants under development to give their economy cheap and dependable electricity while helping foist expensive and unreliable "green" energy on the west to make our economies uncompetitive.  China also makes most of the wind turbines and solar panels, although those are for export, not domestic use.  John Kerry even responded to the fact that China is using Uyghur slave labor to make many of those "green energy" products with a comment that we should overlook that because their war on CO2 is more important than denouncing slavery.

We need to change out the US politicians who promote these destructive policies from Joe Biden to Jim Perry.  That's right, the RINO Senator that we "inherent" with redistricting, was a player in this debacle with HB951.


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