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Catholic priest Father Ed Meeks is the outspoken founding pastor of the King Church in Towson, MD. In October 2020, he warned his parishioners about the dangers of electing Joe Biden as our next president. Father Meeks cited Joe Biden’s “unabashed” support for abortion as his number one objection. The beloved Catholic priest also warned that a “Biden presidency would be a danger to our already dwindling religious liberty.”

Life Site News – Fr. Meeks also made his parishioners aware that a Biden presidency would “open the door” for the United States to quickly become a socialist country. He reminded them that Biden signed on to Bernie Sanders’s socialist agenda and that non-partisan groups have called his running mate, Kamala Harris, the “most leftist member of the U.S. Senate.”

Finally, Fr. Meeks alerted the faithful that Biden’s stance on the four previous issues subverts the “position of nominal and misinformed or poorly catechized Catholics.” Biden’s position is a disservice to Catholics and Christians because it gives a false impression that “what he holds isn’t that bad,” Fr. Meeks said.

This weekend, Father Ed Meeks delivered another powerful message to his flock. This time, his message was about how no one can dictate what is put into your body [forced COVID jabs], a temple of the Holy Spirit.

When we say that Jesus is our Lord and King—what we’re saying is that we owe our allegiance and our loyalty first and foremost toHim and to His kingdom.

So, then, how does this principle work itself out in our daily life? 

Our King tells us in his written word that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

1 Corinthians 6:19 – Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you which you have from God. You are not your own; you are bought with a price, so glorify God in your body. 

Do you believe that? 

Do you believe your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit? 

If you take it seriously, is this…That no earthly king, or president or public health official or billionaire technocrat gets to dictate what we MUST put into our bodies…into these temples of the Holy Spirit. 

The King Church congregation can be heard breaking out in applause.

“Because that’s between us and God. Do you hear what I’m saying?” he asked.

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