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The impact of Europe's self imposed energy crisis has worsened with two nations, Kosovo and Serbia, imposing rolling blackouts.  At the same time, the grid operator in the UK issued an Energy Supply Warning, anticipating similar actions there.  Meanwhile, 11 business associations representing a variety of manufacturing firms issued a memo that unbearably high power prices were crippling operations of their members and many may have to shut down their factories.

A prolonged period of light winds dubbed the "big calm" led wind turbine energy production to plummet, and relying on gas as a backup led to a huge increase in the price of natural gas, and thus the electricity made from it.  Greece has responded by reopening its coal power plants, shuttered since 2019 as part of the EU's "green energy" drive.

France and the Netherlands have defied the green energy movement that distains nuclear power by announcing that they are building new nuclear power plants.  France already gets 70% of its power supply from nuclear power plants and has announced they will be building five new nuclear plants.  The government of the Netherlands rebuffed environmentalists who  were demanding the shut down of a major nuclear energy plant, keeping that plant open and announcing they were going to build two new nuclear power plants.

Meanwhile, Germany's new Social Democrat led government is doubling down on wind and solar, accelerating closure of coal, nuclear and even gas power plants.

The EU power plan is being imposed on North Carolina on steroids, thanks to RINO legislative leaders Speaker Tim Moore and Senate president Phil Berger, in passing NC's Green New Deal, HB951.  NC can expect the same issues to arise here, and a very "woke" Duke Energy pandering to the green left by imposing wind and solar farms instead of going nuclear.  The EU legislation called for a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030, but HB591 went much further and imposes a 70% reduction in emissions in North Carolina by 2030.  This is backfiring in a big way in Europe, and it will backfire on consumers in North Carolina.

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Jann said:
( December 24th, 2021 @ 11:55 pm )
Very scary! That would lead us very easily into a situation like Texas last winter. Time to think ahead and prepare!

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