Ernie Coleman Is His Own Worst Enemy | Beaufort County Now | The first thing I want to do is thank you Mr. Cratch for your article dated March 29th. This thanks is heartfelt and sincere.

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    Publisher's note: If anyone finds fault with the veracity of these well considered words by former Chief Deputy Harry Meredith, we implore you to please take issue with what Mr. Meredith considers to be true right here on BCN, either by comment or by posted article, and you will receive all the space that is reasonable to refute these allegations.

    These articles from Chief Deputy Harry Meredith, Ret. are showing a consistent pattern of data, and an intent to express what he believes to be true. The entirety of these ongoing posts can be found archived here.

    The first thing I want to do is thank you Mr. Cratch for your article dated March 29th. This thanks is heartfelt and sincere. Concerning Ernie, I had said and reported all that needed to be said for the voters of this county to make an informed decision in the upcoming election for Sheriff. Mr. Cratch, in your uninformed ramblings, you decided to attempt to discredit the information I presented through a combination of fallacies, false logic and lies. Mr. Cratch, you are welcome to your uninformed opinion, but I will not allow you to falsely discredit me with your lies. I will expose you as a latent Democrat and a media stooge.

    How Ernie is viewed by members of the local GOP is of no concern to me. All are adults and free to form an opinion based on the information at hand. I agree with you that Ernie is a Republican and supports former President Trump. I voted for him too. Ernie has repeatedly read to the Commissioners he is a Constitutional Officer as are all North Carolina Sheriffs, even the ones associated with the Democratic Party. I disagree with you when you state Ernie is nationally known. He did appear on FOX news once and embarrassed himself, Beaufort County and the State of North Carolina. I feel confident the Sheriffs across the state still refer to him as "Tidbit" Coleman. Have a look at the video if you have a couple of minutes to see what Ernie is really like.

    Yes Mr. Cratch, we do have a situation here in Beaufort County that is troubling. You ask why members of the GOP want Ernie out of Office, and you suggest I am a RINO feeding the sheep lies to unseat a patriot. Unlike you, leaders of the local Republicans are listening to We The People.

    Why do local leaders question Ernie's moral character and leadership ability? This is a simple question that even you, Mr. Cratch, can answer if you look objectively at the facts. Your anger and accusations are misdirected. You should contact federal court Judge Dever and ask him why he wrote in official court records that Ernie lied while giving sworn testimony. Your anger should be directed at Ernie's attorney who testified against Ernie. Your anger should be directed at the county insurance carrier representative that testified against Ernie. Chief Deputy Charlie Rose testified truthfully against Ernie's interests and should be applauded. Do you think the Chief Deputy should have lied too?

    Ernie has abused and inappropriately touched some of his female staff members. Again, your anger directed toward me is misplaced. Direct your anger at Callie Harris and her husband, Wayne, who are the true victims in this matter. They are the ones providing the information and are upset by the situation. Direct your anger at the communicators that have suffered his abuse. I am but the humble messenger to the public so We The People can end Ernie's abuse of his staff.


    The points I made in my articles are supported by eye-witness accounts or court records. Just you saying it didn't happen does not instill confidence in your argument.

    You state clearly that I am a life-long Democrat and an anti-Trumper. Mr. Cratch, both those statements are lies. I am not a man that hides behind a keyboard. I will look you in the eye any time you wish and make that statement to you.

    Back in the 1970's I was a Democrat. If anyone wanted to participate in local politics, they had to register as a Democrat. There were no names on the Republican side of the ticket that I remember. I was overseas for a few years, and when I returned in 1985, I registered as Republican. Ernie registered about the same time probably because there was a Republican governor and he wanted a job with the NCHP. Local politics started to change about that time. I remained a Republican until 1998 when I went to work for Alan Jordan and was asked to change my registration. I did it to save my career. I changed my registration back to Republican after I retired.

    To imply I do not love this country because I speak the truth is an insult. I served my community as a law enforcement officer for 28 years. My brother served this country for 28 years and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. Do not question my patriotism or my desire to serve and protect the people in Beaufort County.

    Judicial officials are not going to remove Ernie. They, as I do, have faith in We The People to do the right thing and remove a person that is unfit for public office. We must use the ballot box to accomplish this, not by judicial fiat. Just because the local media has protected him until recently does not prove his innocence. It may show their laziness and fear, but it does not prove anything.

    The media, including Ashley Vansant, have found they cannot ignore what Ernie has done. I pointed this out in my articles. Have you taken the time to read the Washington Daily News recently? Though not as detailed as my article, the WDN does touch on the highpoints of the lawsuits Ernie lost. Mr. Cratch, I know that facts are inconvenient obstacles for the points you try to make so I suggest you read the court case before you blindly support a man that does not deserve your trust and confidence.

    Why would you support a man that allows a Deputy to point his service weapon at another Deputy's head without consequences? Why would you support a man that punishes the Deputy that was the victim of that assault? Why would you support a man that punishes the Deputy that reports such behavior to his supervisors? Why would you support a man that lied to We The People in the media by denying that the incident ever happened? I don't even need to state it was a white Deputy pointing a gun at a bi-racial Deputy while calling him a n*****. The incident sounds bad enough without injecting race.

    The federal court found the incident did occur and We The People paid both Franks and Sheppard for Ernie's lies and coverup. Call the county manager at 946-0079 and ask him if Ernie lost both lawsuits. Ask him if the plaintiffs received any money. If you choose to believe Ernie and not the federal Judges that ruled against him, then you are hopelessly blind to the facts. Don't blame me, Mr. Cratch, I had nothing to do with the incident. I just reported what the court records show.

    Mr. Cratch, look at Judge Dever's background. He is a Republican Judge appointed by a Republican President. Why would he lie about Ernie?

    Ernie believes he can do as he pleases to anyone. Do you want this county law enforcement run by a bully that tramples on the rights of We The People?

    Ernie now hides in a bunker much like Biden. Have your buddy come out and address these issues publicly to clear the air. The media will print anything he says without question. Does that sound familiar too? Ernie has not made any public comment since my articles appeared in December about what he has done. Does this bother you Mr. Cratch? Most people find his silence troubling.

    Ernie had a lot to say about the lawsuits before the Judges ruled against him. There are more lawsuits coming, but they have not been adjudicated yet. Ernie's track record and past actions indicate he will lose these too.

    The Superintendent of Public Schools also exposed Ernie's lies concerning the loss of School Resource Officers in our schools. Ernie had nothing to say after his lies were made public. Are you seeing a pattern here, Mr. Cratch?


    Since you believe in vague conspiracy theories, I have one for you. Ernie is using you by proxy to attack and discredit me to cast doubt on what I have said to muddy the waters for the voters. As I said before, Ernie uses a common attack strategy. He admits nothing, denies everything and makes counter accusations.

    Did Ernie write your article and have you sign it? Looking at the style, it is quite possible but a bit short for him. Ernie is making you and others look foolish. Do your own research and present a logical explanation on why We The People should ignore what Ernie has done. A true Constitutional Officer would not treat the people he has sworn to serve with such contempt, but we must remember, an oath means nothing to him. It's all about Ernie and his power over people.

    Mr. Cratch, I write to inform the people of this county. What is your purpose? Could it be subterfuge and misdirection? The people are smarter than that and will decide what kind of man they want as their Sheriff on May 17th.

        Harry W. Meredith, Jr.

Have Sheriff Offices in North Carolina, possibly even Beaufort County's Sheriff Office, become too political in the discharging of their sworn constitutional duties?
  No, the sheriff is a constitutional officer.
  Yes, the Sheriff Office, on strong occasion, often reverts back to political patronage in the dispensation of their sworn constitutional duties.
  I feel that heavy politics, and law enforcement is a strange marriage of dutiful aspirations.
599 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

Should Beaufort County elected officials demand that every alleged incident of Child Rape be investigated in Beaufort County?
  Yes, without fail, irrespective of the parties involved; this heinous crime must be investigated, and the truth be known, and responsible parties prosecuted.
  No, some Beaufort County citizens are more elite than others, and these types of investigations can be most damaging to the alleged party in question.
710 total vote(s)     What's your Opinion?

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( April 1st, 2022 @ 2:08 am )
Mr. Meredith,

Now that I have your attention, I can reassure you that I don't hide behind a keyboard and I am more involved within the surrounding community than you think. Don't let the long hair fool you.

I can also reassure you that I'm not a "Democrat" nor a media stooge; I, like many others, am extremely disgusted with the fact that we have an illusionary political party system that so many can't seem to see past. I don't have time, nor does anybody else, for long-winded explanations as we don't have time for that considering the circumstances we face locally and abroad.

Both sides are being gaslit and controlled by the same people. Democrat or Republican , you know as well as I do there is ALWAYS a hidden motive when something like this happens around election time. History repeats itself and the enemy never deviates from what is comfortable to them.

Basically, to sum up everything before I put the ball back in your court; I would like for it to be stated in the public record that you acknowledge both sides of the illusionary party system are ultimately corrupted, especially on the local level. I would like for you to publicly state that it is fact that, regardless of political affiliation, if you run afoul with the Uniparty; they want you out.

If what I've said offends you, please note that I too am in contact with We The People and, believe me; I would not be allowed to post the unedited views of my peers on this publication without utilizing severe censorship.

Hypothetical and Political Hyperbole are both forms of protected speech. I have a right to my opinion based off of what I have seen personally and know. The common consensus among most within the "Patrioto" community is that Beaufort County is in a sensitive situation. If we fall under Democrat rule in this county, well, look at the Democrat party of BiDan and Harris. It's a joke! Look at the GOP. It too is filled with owned and operated actors reading a script that has nothing to do with We The People.

I understand that you believe alot of what I say to be "crazy" or "uninformed" but I haven't been wrong yet on other things that you do not have knowledge of.

I personally still believe that if Sheriff Coleman has truly done all of these things that are being said and nothing has been embellished by possible disgruntled former employees, he would have already been removed from office without question. That i do know. I have another theory I'll leave yourself and the reader with:

Who would possibly gain from Sheriff Coleman not being in office?

Who has been sparring with the Sheriff about matters of authority?

The public knows the answer but many refuse to accept the fact that the GOP, as well as the Democrat party, is DOA. The biggest opposition against Sheriff Coleman possibly lies within the GOP itself. Think about that as Sun Tzu would.

If you think about it, this is all a joke that could end badly with both sides being shown that they've been lied to....and for a long time about many things.

I'm not an enemy.....just a pissed off Patrioto Rock-N-Roller who's tired of the bullshit.

Also, I have to end with it's not "former" President Trump; it's il Presidento and he's the current President....not BiDan. Keith Kidwell too told me in a Tea Party meeting, when asked about FIXING 2020, to "redirect my anger" especially when he started promoting the "Virginia" model. Ironically, one of his "devoted" stated that Kidwell told him, Dr. Ken Robol, that I was "a plant by the DEMS." Unless that's secret code for signifying Patriotos, I see an interesting pattern here. To also answer your question; no sir, I don't read the Washington Daily News (WDN). I find that publication to be slanted more towards the Progressive and Democrat-leaning audiences...which is ironic considering both factions are now eating their own. My 8th grade social studies teacher, who is now a principal and someone I still admire, always called the WDN "the mullet wrapper".
( March 31st, 2022 @ 6:40 pm )
If anyone finds fault with the veracity of these well considered words by former Chief Deputy Harry Meredith, we implore you to please take issue with what Mr. Meredith considers to be true right here on BCN, either by comment or by posted article, and you will receive all the space that is reasonable to refute these allegations.

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