Free-Thinking Nonconformist Comes Out As Non-Binary Just Like Every Single One Of Her Friends | Beaufort County Now | LAGUNA HILLS, CA—Local zoomer Danerys Williams has embraced her nonconformist ideology and shed the shackles of gender identity to become nonconformist just like every single one of her friends.

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    Publisher's note: This post appears here on BCN with the expressed permission of the Babylon Bee - friends that can find your funny bone in a very dark room.

    LAGUNA HILLS, CA     Local zoomer Danerys Williams has embraced her nonconformist ideology and shed the shackles of gender identity to become nonconformist just like every single one of her friends. Sources close to "zer" have confirmed that Daenerys Williams now goes by Dany and firmly rejects gender stereotyping in any way except for her obviously pink hair.

    Her friends, all non-binary as well, have embraced Williams for finally being as non-conformist as they are. Dany is now invited to their elite book club where they discuss books on critical race theory and gender normativity-a club you're only invited to if you conform to their ideas on gender.

    "It's so incredibly liberating to finally free myself from the oppression of the gender binary and just be the me that my friends want me to be," Williams told reporters. "I can finally embrace who society is telling me to be." Williams went on to criticize those who subscribe to traditional gender norms as "groupthinking zombies," saying she's finally managed to break free of those ideas to instead join a different kind of groupthink.

    "I am unique, special, and one-of-a-kind," added the woman who mindlessly believes the exact same thing all her friends believe without giving any of it so much as a single passing critical thought.

    Dany Williams then fled further questions by driving away in her Prius, a car all her friends also have, to visit an organic foods store all her friends shop at. She reportedly bought nothing because she has no job-just like her friends.
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