Hood Richardson "Would Rather Be Right" | Beaufort County Now | Instead of welcoming new Republicans to Beaufort County, he chooses to insult people, calling them RINOs and Liberals, questioning their conservatism.

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    I am a fairly new resident of Beaufort County, having moved here in September 2020. From what I read in one of your editorials on the Beaufort County Now site, Hood Richardson discounts those of us Republicans that have moved here from other areas, saying perhaps we don't belong here. Instead of welcoming new Republicans to Beaufort County, he chooses to insult people, calling them RINOs and Liberals, questioning their conservatism. I am frankly appalled at his articles in the Beaufort County Observer and Beaufort County NOW. Personally, I am insulted that he would imply because I am new to the area and the Beaufort County Republican GOP. I don't have anything to offer. If Mr. Richardson wants to win converts to his way of thinking maybe he should consider welcoming others into the community instead of insulting them. In his own words, "Sometimes it's not what you want to get done, but rather how you are going about it that matters more."

    When I moved to Beaufort County from Richmond VA, I was a Trump supporter and wanted to do what I could to support his candidacy and decided to go to the GOP HQ, offering to volunteer. Since then, I have volunteered in different areas for the Republican party such as at the Headquarters on 2nd St. and Washington Plaza, serving as secretary of the fundraising committee, attending those monthly meetings and volunteering at the Reagan dinner. Also, I have helped at our booth during the Belhaven July 4th parade, entered data for our treasurer on Nationbuilder and have taken minutes at our last two Executive Committee meetings in the absence of a secretary.

    I know I have a lot to learn about the Republican party in Beaufort County but what I have seen so far is a lot of divisiveness and it is not pretty! I guess I am being naive but I was hoping for a more united party, not two different factions operating against each other. I know Mr. Richardson has his own monthly meetings to get across his own ideas and it seems he also has a website operated by Stan Deatherage and supported by the Beaufort County Observer to help in that regard. As Mr. Richardson has stated, "He would rather be right". Apparently, there are others with a different opinion than his - that does not make them wrong. Obviously, he thinks he is the only one with the right ideas and if he doesn't get his way, he forms his own group to fight against the recognized Executive Committee.

    Since Mr. Richardson attends monthly meetings of the Beaufort County GOP Executive Committee and his wife is a member of this group, is he not able to speak up in a non-threatening way to say what he thinks? It appears that is not how Mr. Richardson handles things. From what I have heard from many sources, he needs to resort to name calling, disrupting meetings and generally making nasty comments about others in order to silence them. It seems to me that Mr. Richardson is attending these meetings only to hear what is being said and then writing up editorials and conducting his own meetings in order to have a platform to espouse his own agenda.

    I think Mr. Richardson must have forgotten that our goal as Republicans should be to get more Republicans elected and take back our country, not fight against each other and insult our fellow Republicans!
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( June 11th, 2022 @ 10:30 am )
There was no animosity between Beaufort County native Republicans and those who moved in from elsewhere until the 2019 county convention. At that time, a group of transplants led by Ron Buzzeo from Cypress Landing engineered a coup to exclude most native Republicans from positions within the party. They put out the much-maligned "yellow sheet" which told their supporters to only vote for their approved candidates. Since there was consensus on the uncontested race for county chairman, no one else organized so they largely bowled over everyone else. Three former county GOP chairman, who were natives, were not even on their list.

That is where the animosity between transplants and natives within the party comes from. It did not exist prior to that convention. The current Beaufort GOP first vice chairman, Paul Varcoe, was one of Buzzeo's lieutenants in that coup. Carolyn Garris is doing her best to reunify the party, but it will take time to heal all the wounds. Republicans on both sides need to back her in that effort.

Hood Richardson has been a target of the Buzzeo crowd, but while Richardson has worked to replace liberal GOP elected officials, I do not recall him ever trying to exclude people from participation in the party organization. That is a big different.
( June 9th, 2022 @ 4:08 pm )

Thank you for so clearly identifying yourself as one of the people I am complaining about.

You are new to Beaufort County and being a trusting soul, you believe what people tell you. To my knowledge, you have never contacted me about the allegations being made by other newbies, who also believe what they are being told.

I fear you will forever be manipulated because you never bothered to check your informants' reputations, and you never have contacted me or other conservatives, as any reasonable person would do, to get the other side of the story. Would having to deal with conflicted information pose too much of an emotional problem for you?

There are some good reasons those who know me and my history continue to elect me to public office. Why don't you ask them?
( June 8th, 2022 @ 8:02 pm )
I can't speak for Hood Richardson as a Republican politician, or even as a true Conservative, which he undoubtedly is.

I can, however, speak for myself as a Republican who helped build this local GOP into a nucleus that actually stood for something real, if only for a brief while, and as a true Conservative, whose record as such is unimpeachable, and who has governed as a real Conservative for 22 years, not in my words, but by my many deeds; deeds of an indelible record.

In these true words, backed by those constant deeds, I will sum it up quickly what it means to be an accomplished Conservative, and a Reagan Republican; I would not begin to fathom a concept of growing the party to be "progressively" inclusive of all popular ideals as is the directive of the local GOP.

Fundamentally it is this: If the Republican party is to survive in these crucial times, it will need to become far more focused of standing for what is consistent, what is real, and what is irreversibly true, what is uncommonly smart, and what is unconditionally wise. When the Republican party does not embrace these ideals of the best and truest amongst us, and does not have the wisdom to know the difference of who is real, and who is a proven imposter; the "party" provides succor to those politicians that are dishonest interlopers at best; thus the Republican brand, that so many of us paid so dearly to build and sustain, will fail, and then all that will remain will be the finger pointing, and the unreasoned words of those still stuck on that sinking ship, a lost group of likeminded losers without the intellectual where-with-all or the moral backbone to Right its diminishing, downward course.

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