Sri Lanka - ESG score of 98% made it a failed state | Eastern North Carolina Now | now under mob rule as eonomy and government collapse

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Promoted by the globalist pro-totalitarian World Economic Forum (Davos), ESG (Enviornmental, Social Justice, Governance) scores are being applied to lots of things, including countries.  Sri Lanka, with its 98% ESG score shows it is a recipe for disaster.  The WEF was full of praise for the socialist government of Sri Lanka for achieving this score, but that "accomplishment", especially the environmental aspects of it, has destroyed the country.

Sri Lanka's economy has collapsed.  It has no food, energy, or money and everything is in short supply.  Mob rule is in effect.  The mob seized the presidential palace four days ago and still holds it.  The president announced his resignation, went into hiding and has now fled the country.  The mob burned down the palatial private family home of the prime minister.  He is now in hiding and has announced his resignation.  The Speaker of Parliament is desperately trying to cobble together an emergency all-party government.

The same environmental demands that wrecked agriculture in Sri Lanka are now being demanded by the globalist government of the Netherlands of its own country.  The Dutch farmers, many of whom would be driven out of business by those standards, are in open revolt against them and are being joined by farmers in other European countries, seeing themselves also targeted.

Here in America, some globalist and woke businesses like woke Duke Energy promote their own ESG scores.  The Biden regime is pushing America this same direction.

It is time for citizens to wake up to the globalist / "woke" menace and drive a stake through the heart of this monster.

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