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I think we Americans have reached a consensus that our country is going in the WRONG direction, don't you?  The Great Awakening is real.  We're looking around us and seeing our government attempting to control us, allowing our border to be invaded, indoctrinating, confusing, and frightening young children and teens in our schools (while failing to teach them to read, write, and do arithmetic), creating money out of thin air and pumping it into our economy to further acerbate the horrible inflation that the government brought on us by choking off domestic fossil fuel production, and now they're tuning up to increase our taxes and the harassment power of the IRS.  What a mess!

What are we going to do about it?

I think we need to reach a consensus about how to start turning our country around, don't you?  One way to think about it is that we need a roadmap for how to make a U-turn, and we need it pronto!

I'd like to share some ideas with you, and maybe you'll be kind enough to share your reactions and your original thoughts on the subject with me in return.  We need discussion, and our goal needs to be to reach consensus and act on it, don't you think?

First of all, if we cannot elect whomever we choose, our Constitution, our freedom, and our country are kaput.  It will be time to agree to live as surfs of the authoritarian government or mount a second American Revolutionary War.  I don't find either of these options appealing, do you?

The alternative to accepting serfdom or fighting is to ensure that our midterm elections go well.  Let's think about how to do that.

We keep hearing about a red wave (indeed, a red tsunami) that is coming our way.  Too much is riding on that's being true to take it for granted.  We need to volunteer to make "get out the vote" phone calls, go door to door, and register conservatives to vote.  The best way to do that is to volunteer with your local Republican Party.  No, not all Republicans are conservatives (though they'll probably say they are), but the Republican Platform is and REAL Republicans are, plus they tend to be organized with the phone numbers and addresses we'll need.

The next thing we'll need to volunteer to do is to take the needed training and volunteer to serve as a poll judge or assistant, or as a poll observer INSIDE the polling place.  This is not fun, and the hours are long, but as an alternative to serfdom or war, it looks darned good to me.  Training is the key to doing this effectively.  You need to know how the election is to be conducted legally, and you need to know what to do if you see something bogus going on.

If all the inside-the-poll slots are filled in your area, volunteer to greet incoming voters and supply them with "palm cards" (or a similar handout)  that identifies all the Republicans up and down the ballot. My husband, Hal, and I have been doing this for years, and we have found that most people who come to vote know who they want to vote for in SOME races, but many don't realize that some of the "down ballot" races are even happening.  There are some people who know EXACTLY who they want to vote for in EVERY race, but that is relatively rare.  Most conservatives are friendly, open people, and they respond well to a question like, "May I show you some information about some of the down ballot races?"  However, progressives/leftists/globalists tend to be cranky and negative, and some of them will answer a question like that in a very rude way.  If this happens to you, just realize it's not about you; it's about the mind of the rude person who was just ugly to you, and you'll be free of them as soon as they walk away, but they'll be trapped inside their sick minds 24/7. 

Most of us realize that massive fraud caused the 2020 election to be a complete train wreck.  It was worse in some states than it was in others, but there was fraud everywhere.  That's totally unacceptable.  Many good people are working on fixing it, but don't expect all the corrections to be made by the midterms.  If the cavalry comes charging in before the midterms, help them, but don't count on that's happening.  Be prepared to be resolute and to do the most work you have ever done to insure a good outcome during the run up to the election and during the election itself.

One of the things you can do is to start attending your local Board of Elections' meetings.  That way, you can see the "playing field" develop.  You will get a sense of who wants fair elections and who wants a myriad of opportunities to cheat.  You can get the lay of the land, and that will serve you well.

These are the kinds of things that have the most immediate urgency, but there's another area that also needs our attention because it's so tragic.  Our government run, public schools are a disaster.  Students are not learning academic subjects.  Students are being fed a negative view of themselves and of each other.  They're being taught about the most base human behavior.  They're being robbed of their innocence and subjected to child abuse.  We're the adults who pay for that.  We're the parents and grandparents who are allowing it to happen, or at least, we were.  Now, there are more and more parents, grandparents, teachers, and other tax payers who are aware of what's going on.  There are candidates running for local Boards of Education who are determined to correct the situation, and they need our support!  Give them money.  Install a yard-sign on your front lawn.  Attend Board of Education meetings so they're not alone in the lion's den.  Ask them how you can help.  We need to protect our youth WHILE we are fighting off our would-be oppressors.  Yes, we CAN walk and chew chewing gum!

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