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            The negative impact of Biden’s open borders policy on this country will be profound in the short and long term.  This is an invasion that must be stopped.  No country has ever survived without defensible borders. The fact is that no country can maintain its cultural and political values when faced with hordes of unscreened, illegal immigrants.

            One immediate impact is the financial burden to U.S. taxpayers.  Here are some of those annual costs: (1) $90 billion spent on welfare programs; (2) $22 billion spent on free food assistance such as food stamps, school lunches, etc. ; (3) $4 billion spent on Medicaid assistance; (4) $12 billion spent on public education and $17 billion spent on educating so-called “anchor babies”; (5) $4 billion spent on incarceration/ imprisonment/ free legal assistance, etc.; (6) $200 billion on suppressed wages of American citizens; (7) $60 billion sent home by illegals to their countries of origin that are removed from the U.S. economy.  This totals to over $400 billion per year and growing.  This amounts to about $2600 per taxpayer.   We are essentially paying for and enabling the invasion of our country!   

            These financial costs are the most obvious.  Other impacts such as the infusion of thousands of non-English speaking children into the already struggling public school system are no less profound and destructive to this country.    The impact on our cultural values will also be dramatic.  It takes years and sometimes generations for immigrants to assimilate the values of a new country.   That is why Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1924 to slow down the rate of immigration to manageable levels.   This effective law was in place until (you guessed it) the Democrat controlled congress in 1965, with the concurrence of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson, passed a law that opened the floodgates to immigration.   The loosening of the laws for legal immigrants was followed by a surge in illegal immigration which now has reached invasion proportions.   The Democrats have always pushed for more immigration hoping that these individuals would eventually become Democrat voters.

            The question now is whether the American people will rise up against the flood of illegals and demand that their elected leaders reintroduce restricted and manageable immigration that is beneficial not a detriment to this country. The following actions are needed: (1) deportation of all persons in this country illegally; (2) cease all welfare programs for illegals including public education; (3) terminate the so-called anchor baby law that declares the children of illegals to be citizens of the U.S. and their families allowed to stay in this country; (4) end chain migration allowing  family members of immigrants entry into this country.

            In my opinion, any current elected representative or candidate who is not willing to do these things does not deserve our vote.  The survival of this country requires it.

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