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Two new polls show that Germans are not happy with their new Social Democrat led government, with one poll showing that trust in government has fallen dramatically in the year since the Social Democrats took over, while a second poll shows that only a minority of Germans now consider themselves "completely free" or "very free".

According to the "Institutions Trust Ranking" by the polling firm Forsa, only 33% say they now trust the office of the Chancellor, now held by Social Democrat Olaf Schulz, down a whopping 24 points in one year.  Only 34% say they now trust the federal German government, a decrease of 22 points in a year.  Trust in parliament, the Bundestag has fallen from 50 percent a year ago to 37% today.

Meanwhile, only 31% trust the European Union and only 17% trust the EU's political parties.


A second poll, the Freedom Index Germany 2022 carried out by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion found that only 45% of Germans beleive they are "completely free" or "very free".  There was a large difference of opinion between eastern and western Germany.  For example when asked about freedom of speech, 52% of western Germans said they could speak freely, but only 37% of eastern Germans felt that way.  12.6% said they were satisfied with the functioning of democracy in Germany, but in the eastern part of the country, that was only 5.5%.


The German government and the EU are pushing to censor what they call "hate speech" which is essentially anything the left does not agree with.  This is particularly casting a shadow over democratic rights.  As George Orwell said "freedom of speech is your right to say what I don't want to hear".


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( January 6th, 2023 @ 10:16 am )
It will be interesting to see what transpires in the upcoming re-run of the state election in the city-state of Berlin, which is being held in a few weeks because the Constitutional Court threw out the results of the last election for voter fraud (something the pathetic Arizona courts should have done for the last election in that US state). The Social Democrats and their allies have been taking a beating in the polls in eastern Germany but Berlin is a mix of east and west.

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