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Change You’ll Have to Believe In …

    And we are all at fault if you subscribe to the belief we get the government we deserve. I do. You will too if you want to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

    The problem is our nation's government, many state governments, and local governments are going bankrupt. Some local governments, like here in Beaufort County, have managed their costs of delivering services quite well; however, the states these county's governments are subservient to are foundering. Beaufort County's fiscal stability could be dragged into the morass that North Carolina's Democrats have built for our state as North Carolina's state government is on the cusp of foundering as well.

    In the General Election of 2010, North Carolina's General Assembly will, for the first time since Reconstruction, be run by Republicans. In that election, the people overwhelmingly spoke that they wish to be governed in a manner that is one of fiscal responsibility.

    Is it a clear, sustained voice that the people speak within this political conversation that their ballots provided? Furthermore, will the Republicans have the strength to adhere to the strong conviction that must be the backbone of their conservative principles, which must provide them guidance to govern? Will the electorate remain steady and strong enough, which would require their further education, to keep the capable politician in office?

    These are reasonable questions that suggests a certain co-dependent, symbiotic relationship between the voters and those voted into political office. Can the North Carolina citizen / voter make the swift transition to deserve a more responsible government? Can the rank and file North Carolinian shake the entitlement mentality
that has in many recent elections sent the wrong message to politicians and the wrong people to Raleigh?

    I remember that it was two short years ago that North Carolina voters favored "Change You Can Believe In," when they voted for Community Organizer Barack Obama over Viet Nam war hero John McCain. Candidate Obama had well made known that he favored Socialism way before his Inauguration. Were the North Carolina voters politically tone death, or did the majority in the electorate also favor Socialism as exemplified by their vote. Continuing on, Democrats, who stayed in power in this state longer than the Communists ruled Soviet Russia, do not do so in a vacuum. North Carolina has proven in all of those years that it is a Democrat state, who favored Democrats in office, and incidentally had not voted a Republican into the Governor's mansion in 18 years. In essence, the people in North Carolina have gotten the government they deserve. The larger question remains what is the government they will deserve in the future, and can we overcome the damage already done those who the electorate voted into past office?

    Collectively, at this thin time in our political history, we overwhelmingly favor a more responsive, responsible government that is very much in debt, and is seriously out of step with the well considered walk down the path of fiscal responsibility. These Liberals that have held control in Raleigh have not only made some ridiculous decisions in governing, they have also created massive bureaucracies that will continue to make ridiculous decisions long after their enablers have left office. There was a co-dependent relationship between these Liberal Democrats and their enabled bureaucrats, which can best be exemplified by this known verbalization between interested parties: "We (Democrat politicians) will continue your unnecessary job and create more for your friends if you will keep us in office." This political conversation has continued for decades, but will it continue with the Republicans in the majority in the General Assembly?

    It will if the Republicans are deceived by the convenient mantra by Liberal activists: "We need better schools, smaller class sizes, more computers, and we need you to care more about 'The Children.'"

    The education bureaucracy has long been bloated in scale, inefficient in process, and destructive in the education of our young North Carolinians to their fullest potential. That acquiescence of their essential responsibility to retain control in the classroom to the enrichment of tort lawyers is unconscionable, and maintains its top position as to why some parents have also abdicated their responsibility to be a solid component in their children's education. This is just one of the principal problems encumbering the effort of the public education of our youth. Most of the other considerable inconsideration by this bloated bureaucracy involves the waste of public money in this destroyed opportunity to enhance the education of the young minds that will run this state in our collective future.

    Too often, we hear in the education establishment circles that it is the right of all young American students to go to college, when actually it is not an entitled right, but a privilege, and is not necessary for every individual to live a full, productive life. Why then is it promoted as an entitlement right by education establishment Liberals?

    It is simple. This creates a veritable education mill, which passes its baton of product from one inefficient bureaucracy to another one slightly less inefficient - the University of North Carolina System, and some Community Colleges. Similar to the bloated North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, the University of North Carolina System, the state's Community College System is run by Democrats - many jobs also given as political rewards - which is primarily why the cost to run these institutions generally rise at a rate that is more than double what the normal inflation rate is year after year.

    This significant extra funding is the singular ingredient that has built these joint education establishment's bogus precepts for their bureaucracy's false economic structure. This structure underpins their ability to continue making bad decisions, rewarding inefficient managers and the continuance of a failing product, a product that otherwise would have been revamped years ago, or allowed to fail now.

    I challenge North Carolina's failed education system because it is by far the largest expenditure by our state's taxpayers, and could still be corrected if only the Republicans, now in control of the General Assembly, would sustain the political will to do so. It is not too late to do so, but it will eventually be too late if the Republicans allow the bloated bureaucracy of North Carolina's Department of Public Instruction to continue to sell their special interest swill as if it is education gospel. They have proven they do not know what they are doing in a real world economic sense, so give the ones, who will not revamp their special interest system their walking papers. Eventually, they may ferret out the ones who want to keep their jobs and also make a difference. This policy of finding the best employees, who will endeavor to make real change in this, and other corrupted bureaucracies in the North Carolina's governing systems will be an ongoing concern of any responsible General Assembly determined to make meaningful change.

    There will be much for these Republicans to change if they can just keep the sustained will to do so. When ever there is real "Change You Can Believe In," there always sustained resistance until the tide can be turned and you have the right professionals in place to correct decades of system abuse by the Liberal Left, and their co-dependent politicians.

    The real question that will need to be answered: Will the people of North Carolina continue to have the sustained will to keep the right politicians in Raleigh, who will do what is necessary to effect the sweeping change to correct the multiple offenses of this entitlement mentality that has given us the government, which we so rightfully deserved?

    We are a Republic. We are represented by those who most reflect our values. How will you make a difference?


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