Thomas Sowell And Ben Shapiro Discuss How Social Justice Ideology Leads To Loss Of Freedom | Eastern North Carolina Now

Economist and bestselling author Dr. Thomas Sowell said that relying on the government to enforce so-called “social justice” would only lead to a loss of freedom in an interview with Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro.

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    Economist and bestselling author Dr. Thomas Sowell said that relying on the government to enforce so-called "social justice" would only lead to a loss of freedom in an interview with Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro.

    In an interview posted to YouTube, Sowell joined Shapiro to talk about his new book, "Social Justice Fallacies," and the dangers of the ideology that has been widely embraced across college campuses, large corporations, and by Democrat politicians.

    When asked what the greatest dangers of social justice ideologies were, Sowell pointed to the belief held by many on the Left that the government should be used to make everything equal.

    "When you simply give more and more power to the government on the illusion that they can [make everything equal], all that you're doing is setting yourself for more and more of your freedom to be taken away by other people," he said.

    Shapiro and Sowell also discussed the social justice fallacy of assuming that disparity was caused by discrimination. Sowell pointed to the representation of black players in professional basketball and white tennis players as examples of disparities that were not caused by anything malicious.

    The two also discussed what the future would look like and how to fight back against the spread of social justice ideology, especially among young people.

    Shapiro pointed to polling showing that young generations had embraced the social justice mindset, saying that "it's hard to be optimistic in the face of a lot of the polling statistics that are showing that younger Americans believe an enormous number of these fallacies."

    Sowell responded by saying that educational resources not steeped in leftist ideology needed to be made available to young people.

    "What I think needs to be done is to open up some other avenue of information for young people that they won't get the constant propaganda indoctrination that they find in most colleges around the country," Sowell said, pointing to free online courses from Hillsdale College.

    "I think what needs to be done is for someone to organize a central place where people can hear other ideas that they are not likely to hear in the major institutions - whether someone will be able to do that or not, it remains to be seen," Sowell added.


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