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America's first Socialist President, Barrack Hussein Obama, did announce today, November 6, 2015, that he would use executive fiat to kill any chance of the Keystone Pipeline.

As first mentioned here, Democrat "low-information voters" were well managed today. Now, as promised, we will discuss Obama and the Keystone Pipeline, and to what extent Comrade Obama will go to appease the far Left base of the Democrat party, rather than what is good for all Americans.

    America's first Socialist president, Barrack Hussein Obama, did announce today, November 6, 2015, that he ">would use executive fiat to kill any chance of the Keystone Pipeline. For those of you who do not really know, or truly understand the Pipeline story, I offer this in summation: The Keystone Pipeline is a privately funded pipeline that was planned to connect the Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada, in a series of three pipelines, including and through the Cushing, Oklahoma distribution point, ultimately, arriving at the proclivity of the refineries and warm water ports along the Gulf of Mexico. The purpose of the pipeline is to provide a means to refine the heavy oil sludge from the Alberta Tar Sands, at various points in America along the pipeline, so that it could remain as a North American resource for energy, and shipped to America's friends if necessary.

    The Democrat EPA, after many years of scrutiny, awarded the permits to the pipeline partners to Canada's TransCanada Corporation, after they bought the interest of American Oil Company Conoco Phillips in 2009. Since the TransCanada Corporation is Canadian, United State law required that the State Department give final approval, which partisan Socialist Hillary B. Clinton, as Secretary of State, would need to give, and now over 7 years later once it got in the hands of the state department, current partisan Democrat Secretary of State John Kerry advised Socialist Obama to use executive action to permanently shelve the long permitted privately funded project devised to aid in the production of North American energy independence; shelve it, put all that clean, green energy into the tank of the family combustible engine.
The proposed Keystone Pipelines: Above.    Click image to expand.

    The family combustible thingy is generally driven by folks, who generally do not rally around all things cool and green, and if they had time to discover just how much public money was put in the pockets of Democrat cronies to keep Democrats elected, they probably never would. In actual terms, when it gets really bad, when the price of energy finds its natural path to far higher levels, folks will wonder why. And, the why of it will be the condemnation of the blaming process, and fault shall be well delivered.

    Watching Comrade Obama take credit for the unrealistically low fuel prices, due to the Democrat hated Fracking and the rare overabundance of domestic energy, was surreal. What if that all changes? What if the the Saudis continue to pump an overabundance of crude to keep the American Fracking industry 'on the ropes', and then stops pumping when the rig count in America's shale regions has dropped precipitously, or have been tragically discontinued, and can not be recovered? Posture all you want about green energy, but it will not put one drop of gas in your tank; not in this real world.

    And for what? So the anti-fossil fuels lobby can stand flush in their Democrat largess, while their Climate Change minions can bask in some misunderstood glory that they might have saved something rare. And what will be saved? Certainly not the United States Economy at that point - a time that may prove demonstrably tragic for a once great nation.
With ultra-Liberal Joe Biden to Amateur Obama's right and the concession-ridden John Kerry (a.k.a. Lurch) to his left, The Amateur announces to America that the fascist Democrat Left will take a more important role in the shaping of America's energy policy: Below.

    And will Socialist's messiah care then? Not a bit. If he is still living, he: will have made his money, will continue making money, like Bill Clinton did charging huge fees to crowds of rich, adoring Socialists (they are out there, stronger than ever), who will blame others for the nation's vast problems. Remember how Hussein blamed George W. Bush for 6 years for all of his poor decisions, and still does when he thinks he can get away - pretending that he owns nothing of his historically atrocious days in office.

    For perfect future reference, Hussein Obama will own the Keystone Pipeline, and all of entirety of America's deficiency in its energy infrastructure debacle, from all the energy inaction that he is responsible for: the Solyndra pay for play Scandal; to the BP Gulf Horizon Disaster inaction; to the public Stand against fracking and drilling; to the stated policy to work to get the cost of gasoline as high as possible ; to the unconstitutional purposeful destruction of the coal industry, by executive fiat, to satisfy his rabid, and often unwise, fascist Socialist environmental base; to creating a foreign policy that wholly precipitated the destabilization of the Middle East - it is literally on fire; to Obama's specious argument that ">'deep-sixing' the Keystone Pipeline will not effect the economy and not having the pipeline will avoid a potential environmental catastrophe does hold up to the 'smell test' of reasonable folk.
America's many pipelines coursing the heartland: Above.

    Reasonable folk know that: 1) statistics represent that oil tanker train cars are far more of an environmental hazard than pipelines; 2) If pipelines were really dangerous, then why are there so many tens of thousand of pipeline miles running through the center of our nation, with no environmental incidents, and wouldn't a handsome Liberal/Socialist President want to stand on principle, and desire to re-mediate other possible environmental disasters and remove some existing pipelines?

    If you think Obama's presidency is one of a disingenuous man completely concerned with placating, or emboldening his whacked-out far Left, with many in the Democrat Mainstream Media, you would be correct. If you believe Hussein Obama to be a great president for well understanding that Climate Change is the most impending national disaster, who definitively knows what is best for the rest of us, the U.S. Constitution be damned, you would be one of the aforementioned less informed Democrats that I just mentioned. It is that simple.

Considering the fact that the Democrat Mainstream media has taken a "hands-off" policy in regards to Democrat scandals for the purpose of providing cover to a Democrat Department of Justice's choices to not pursue criminal indictments on proved Democrat criminal behavior: Is there a double standard for the Democrat Mainstream media?
80.25%   Yes, what is the practice for the Republicans should be proper for Democrats.
11.11%   No, Democrats should be immune from serious investigation and prosecution because they care so much more.
8.64%   I don't care, I prefer the low-information approach to life.
81 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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