TMc: Saving Southern Statues | Beaufort County Now | I hope Southerners have better things to do than remove Civil Rights and CSA statues but if that is all we have to do, please leave the statue of the great Southerner, George Washington Carver, and do not burn his books.

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TMc: Saving Southern Statues

    I hope Southerners have better things to do than remove Civil Rights and CSA statues but if that is all we have to do, please leave the statue of the great Southerner, George Washington Carver, and do not burn his books.

    Metro has a good balance of B&W statues but is deficient of Hispanic History monuments. There is a MLK Blvd in most cities that could be renamed DeSoto Blvd.

    If we sell George Washington Carver statues, please do not let China have them. Surely State Agriculture Departments have better places.

    Conclusion: It is easier to remove visible monuments than solve unsolvable problems but as these unproductive political struggles begin both sides will be disappointed.

    If not for CSA History, Scott-Americans and Afro-Americans would be Scotts and Africans.


( May 18th, 2017 @ 12:05 am )
Excellent points TMc in this oh too politically correct America, where truth is the first casualty.

In my early days as a county commissioner (1995), I had a vote to remove the North Carolina Confederate Battle Flag from flying in front of the Beaufort County court house, and I pushed hard for its sustained placement there. A decade or more later, the votes were not there to keep it flying, but I then helped craft a compromise for the NC Battle Flag to fly on Confederate Memorial Day at least to honor their sacrifice to an unsustainable cause.

One day soon, it will be gone forever, and that is so very sad that Southerners would turn their backs on their forefathers' past deeds - good or bad.

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