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    This blog was originally published in March 2008 and it resulted in the only hostile attack on this fella in the whole time I have been pecking out my silly foolishness.

    The attacker said I was saying his parents did not love him because they never paid for braces for his crooked teeth.

    That's not what I was trying to say at all.
    What I was trying to say was back then the Modern Orthodontist had yet to be invented.
    As for this being the only time I have been attacked, that does not mean that everyone agrees with what I am saying.
    It just means that usually people don't know what the heck I am saying...Or do they?

It Was Different When We Were Children

    Today ... A mother looks at her child and says to her husband, "Looks like the teeth are coming in crooked".

    The husband says to the wife, "That is alarming news! We must get braces immediately! We are going to have to take a second mortgage on the home. I'm going to have to give up golf and you are going to have to give up the beauty parlor visits. I'll cancel the plans we were making for vacation this year. We are going to have to cancel the high speed Internet connection and go back to dial-up. That ought to do it but we better keep a close eye on the finances for the next few years and we may have to revisit our expense pattern after we see what we have left".

    When we were children ... A mother looks at her child and says to her husband, "Looks like the teeth are coming in crooked".

    The husband says to the wife, "Sure do, don't they. What's for supper?"

    Would I kid u?
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