ENC Tea Party Meeting This Monday, Oct. 7 | Beaufort County Now | There will be a gathering of the ENC Tea Party at The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant (136 Davenport Farm Rd, in Winterville), on Monday, October 7, at 6:00 pm.

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    MONDAY, OCTOBER 7. EASTERN NC TEA PARTY MEETING. There will be a gathering of the ENC Tea Party at The Mayflower Seafood Restaurant (136 Davenport Farm Rd, in Winterville), on Monday, October 7, at 6:00 pm. The Guest Speaker will be Cathy Wright, a volunteer Frontlines Activist leader and volunteer with the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, which is the lobbyist arm of the NRA. Cathy lives in the Raleigh area and is excited to get out to speak to groups about her work and to hopefully get others involved.

    Please join the Tea Party on September 9 for this very special meeting of the ENC Tea Party and BRING A FRIEND !!

    WHEN: Monday, October 7
    TIME: 6:00 pm
    WHERE: Mayflower Seafood Restaurant, 136 Davenport Farm Rd, Greenville
    SPEAKER: Cathy Wright, NRA activist
    TOPIC: The NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the work it does to advocate/lobby for the NRA


    There will be a very important meeting of the Beaufort County Conservative Club on Thursday evening, October 10 at 6:30 pm at King Chicken Restaurant, 601 Carolina Blvd, Washington. If you take Hwy 264 out to little Washington, King Chicken is off on the left hand side of the road when you come to the first major light in Washington (intersection with Carolina Blvd). Guest Speaker will be Judge Phil Berger Jr, who is running for a seat on the NC Supreme Court.

    Why is it important to learn about Judge Phil Berger Jr?? First, because we NEED more conservatives on the bench of all our state courts, and especially the highest court (the NC Supreme Court). Currently there are 7 judges on the court, with 6 of them being Democrats (including the Chief Justice). Justice Paul Newby is the lone Republican. And second, the NC Supreme Court is likely to hear some highly controversial cases involving socially-progressive issues - including the following:

  • Abortion
  • Marriage
  • Gender Identity
  • The Bathroom Policy
  • Religious Liberty
  • Legislative action

    We need to help elect Judge Phil Berger Jr. in order to help balance our NC Supreme Court. He can be counted on to make the right decisions on laws that affect our families, our churches, and the values that we hold dear. Phil has been a District Attorney, and an Administrative Law Judge. He represented the National District Attorney's Association in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a Non-Governmental Observer in the case of United States v. Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. Phil has been active in his community founding and chairing Eden Youth Football and basketball coach with Bethany Community Middle School.

    If you can attend this meeting on October 10, please do. And BRING A FRIEND!!

    WHEN: Thursday, October 10
    TIME: 6:30 pm
    WHERE: King Chicken Restaurant, 601 Carolina Blvd, Washington
    SPEAKER: Judge Phil Berger Jr.
    TOPIC: The NC Supreme Court and why he needs to be elected to it

    UPCOMING ELECTIONS: Election Day is November 5. This year we are voting for Greenville Mayor (P.J. Murphy has done an exceptional job !!) and other municipal positions. Early Voting is coming up quick and will follow this schedule:

    2019 Municipal Elections One-Stop Voting

    Alice Keene Park, 4561 County Home Rd, Greenville

    Hours: Monday-Friday, Oct. 16 - Nov. 1

    Election Day: Tuesday, Nov. 5 at your princinct polling location

    QUESTION: Conservatives frequently ask two questions: (1) How can I avoid any of my money going to Fake News media providers like MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc? (2) What are the best conservative organizations to donate to in order to help make a difference?

  1. Cancel your TV cable subscription because a good chunk of your premiums go to the mainstream (fake) media and switch to streaming TV (such as roku)
  2. The best conservative organizations to contribute to are: Judicial Watch, Turning Point USA (with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens), the NRA, Heritage Foundation, and FreedomWorks

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