Northwestern Beaufort County Receives an Estimated 4 inches of Snow | Eastern North Carolina Now

The time to make work done slows down in half measure, and another side of life reveals its purpose.

    It began as a light rain Thursday night, January 20th, 2022, with temperatures a balmy 46 degrees, and by morning a thin layer of ice clung to the firm, bright reddish green Nandina leaves prevalent upon my personal grounds here in Mac'swood. Friday was cold and damp, but no additional rain as the temperatures remained just around freezing for the day; but, it was early Friday night when the wintry mix began in earnest, mixing mostly with the crackling of sleet, and light snow, laying down a fine sheet of porous ice. Later that night past midnight, the temperatures edged down into the mid 20 degree range, and the warmer moisture in the winter clouds heading north from the Gulf of Mexico could do nothing more than to turn into a fine snow, about 4 inches in depth. Welcome to a Beaufort County Winter, here deep into northeastern North Carolina; you can never be sure of what will transpire.

The dry pond, now wet as is normal after the recent draught, flash frozen on the top, and ready for the season's first snowstorm: Above and below.     Picture by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

    Knowing that mid morning was bringing inescapable chores and work, I hasten to take as many images where I can usually find a few fine snow images, my expansive front yard. Know that the absent sunshine of many days was about to find its way soon back to Beaufort County, I thought it wise to get my shots accomplished early, and wait for the next snow to make images at some of western Beaufort County's iconic locations.

My ever evolving pond, refreshed by the recent rains, is always a the ready to be my most available muse: Above and below.     Picture by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

    In case you have not noticed, my landscape design is based upon the concept: Good luck seeing my house on the top of the hill from the road down below. From what I lose in "curb appeal", I more than make up with in view amenity from my point of view, and, more profoundly, a well planned sense of security ... if you get my drift.

Nearly every bush and non huge tree in my front yard was planted yours truly: Above. This image of my wide home, encrusted in 4 inches of snow and ice, taken from as far back as I could move back within the foliage ... and still see the house proper: Below.     Picture by Stan Deatherage     Click image to expand.

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