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I am getting complaints about the quantity and quality of the filming of commissioner meetings. Beaufort County, filming general meetings, Beaufort County Commissioners
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Secrecy and Propaganda.... The Politicians Tool Kit

    I am getting complaints about the quantity and quality of the filming of commissioner meetings. Both the quantity and quality has been limited by the majority of the commissioners. The quality is terrible. While some people do not care what government does, many do care. Especially those who are experienced enough to know that more than 40 percent of their income is going to the government for some very questionable uses.

    About a year and a half ago word circulated among commissioners that the stopping of filming of commissioner meetings would result in a lot less chatter and complaining from the public. Citizens cannot complain about what they do not know about. Almost immediately the majority of the commissioners started plotting to diminish and eliminate information presented to the public.

    Beaufort County started putting on line only the legislatively mandated commissioner meetings. All those other meetings about budget and planning were stopped. The majority then fired Randy Walker, who was doing a very good job at a total cost the county of less than twenty five thousand dollars each year. They then spent $110,000 for programmable video equipment for the new commissioner meeting room. Randy Walker provided his own equipment.

    Randy Walker received severe criticism for the good job he was doing. The camera was focused on the commissioner who was speaking. Facial expressions are known to betray people who are lying or just simply rolling logs in front of progress. Most people can tell very quickly who is telling the truth by seeing the speaker's face. Studies have shown that facial expressions and body language will usually uncover a liar very quickly.

    Now we have a single fixed camera that shows all the commissioners at one time. The video is so bad you cannot tell who is talking unless you know where that commissioner sits. The focus is set so you cannot see their mouth moving. Distribution to cable has been limited by Beaufort County giving up our channel to the City of Washington.

    All of this is by design, so the public knows less and less about government.

    If we can elect a conservative Board of Commissioners, we will return to the Randy Walker standards for filming and we will film enough of government meetings so the public can be informed.

    Secrecy and propaganda in government are tools of the devil. There are many secrets about the handling of your money that would enrage you if only you could have access to the information.

    Jerry Evans and John Rebholz are running for commissioner. They are liberal and part of the bad government committee. Vote for one of the other candidates and return us to fair and honest government.

    Jerry Evans refuses to vote to send for repair people for the jail cells. That one vote is costing a minimum of 1.5 million dollars in waste. He was a player in the destruction of the Belhaven Hospital and the looting of the 3.5 million dollars in the Beaufort County Hospital trust fund. All that money has been spent.

    John Rebholz proudly says he is a Ron Buzzeo Republican. We do not need any more of that.

    All totalitarian governments limit information and spoon feed the public only the information they want them to have.


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