It Is Time We All Begin to Learn What Systemic Racism Is, and Is Not | Beaufort County Now | As we have said after violence in the school shootings, the looney Left is compelled to "do something" in such cases.

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It Is Time We All Begin to Learn What Systemic Racism Is, and Is Not

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the Beaufort Observer.

    As we have said after violence in the school shootings, the looney Left is compelled to "do something" in such cases. In those cases it was usually to ban guns. Pick your medicine. But have you noticed they do not stick with an issue long enough to see their policies or plans carried out. And then they rarely evaluate whether they had a significant impact.

    Well, this time with George Floyd's murder, they are calling for shutting down police departments. But have you noticed that they have no more of a plan than to make "formative changes." Someone suggested this is because they cannot afford to disclose their detailed plans. Could it be that Antifa plans to become the police forces?

    The latest "do something" mantra is to cure "systemic racism" via transformative reform of the police. But have you heard anyone describe what that actually means beyond the parroted talking points? Ask three of your friends what systemic racism is and see if you get consistent answers. But it is time that conservatives become familiar with the issue and be prepared to deal with it. A good place to start is a piece in the American Conservative by Robert Merry. He writes:

  • Sometimes big political developments arrive in the country like Sandburg's fog, on little cat feet, silent and unnoticed until they envelop the nation. The emergence of Donald Trump four years ago is an example. Though a loud and clamorous candidate, he seemed to many like a kind of political clown destined for defeat. Establishment politicians believed almost to a person that the "blue wall" of Democratic electoral dominance would hold against this guy. The Midwest would stay solid, and Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.


    Read the full article HERE on The American Conservative.
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