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    Both resolutions, presented by Beaufort County Commissioner Stan Deatherage, will be as dissimilar as yesterday and tomorrow, but both are equally as important to the current and future well being of our citizenry.

    One resolution seeks to maintain law and order in the face of so much lawlessness, some of which is sanctioned by our governing and corporate institutions; while, the other resolution endeavors to encourage county, regional, state and federal participation by jointly, and with some haste, developing a pragmatic and practical recycling program that imminently successful, and is immune to exogenous interruptions.

    The first resolution is in response to the lawless mob of rioters, arsonsonists and looters roaming randomly unchecked in our cities, the vast majority administered by Democratic Socialist administrations, inspiring me to write a resolution for the Beaufort County Commissioners' June general meeting to assure the County Sheriff that he had the county commissioners full support.

    The "Resolution to Protect Personal and Public Property in these Lawless Times" is below.

Resolution to Protect Personal and Public Property in these Lawless Times

    Whereas, Beaufort County citizens enjoy the benefit of protection from lawlessness as they are the represented component within our Constitutional Republic, where the the civil liberties of American citizenship purchased by the patriotism of those that have long protected our People, and guaranteed by our United States Constitution, is now coming into question as a sustainable element within many of our local governments, and,

    Whereas, after more that 6 weeks of abject lawlessness, riotous mobs formed under the guise of peaceful protests, then acted in a felonious manner to deny the civil liberties of others, thus terrorizing those who live in these accosted neighborhood zones by destroying, burning and looting the property of others, while inflicting physical harm on the most defenseless of the local citizenry, and,

    Whereas, the cities and towns accosted by these lawless mobs are uniformly administered by Democratic Socialist politicians, who have predominately taken positions to celebrate the misapplied so-called "first amendment rights" to protest, while enforcing a diminished presence by law enforcement, putting the safety of tax paying citizens in great jeopardy, and,

    Whereas, our Forefathers worote and ratified our United States Constitution and its subsequent Bill of Rights to offer their future constituents, our ancestors and our children the priviledge to fulsomely live in our respective lives     Whereas, Beaufort County citizens' civil liberties, protected by our United States Constitution, affords our citizenry the right to own property, and therefore benefit from that liability of ownership; an ownership under tax lien, taxed with yearly demand for payment, and,

    Whereas, Beaufort County citizens' purchase of that public protection of their property, through their representative government's obligation to provide for a Beaufort County Sheriff Department to protect and serve its people, and,

    Whereas, since the wanton killing of Minneapolis citizen George Floyd, by certain members of the Minneapolis police department, there has ensued peaceful protests that were quickly hijacked by a criminal element of hundreds of thousands of miscreants, who are substantively discussed to be possibly financed, organized and directed by anti-American anarchists, who, under the guise of large scale rioting, have destroyed and looted businesses across the United States; in many instances undeterred by local authorities, non existent in many cases, and, - aforemention paragraph removed as per the wishes of Commissioner Frankie Waters to secure his vote, or otherwise the resolution would not have passed.

    Whereas, Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina, and, far away from Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been attacked by anti-American anarchists for two straight nights, May 30th /31st, with many downtown businesses victimized by these thugs who hate America and its People, and,

    Whereas, Beaufort County's Sheriff was elected to serve its citizens, with the responsibility to protect property and preserve the safety of our citizenry, therefore,

    Let it be resolved, that Beaufort County's Commissioners are resolved to protect the civil liberties of all citizens by enforcing all of our laws; thereby promising the Beaufort County Sheriff the Commissioners' full support to employ all of the rightful, and swift force necessary to achieve that charge, and to responsibility do so, thus prospectively restoring order from lawlessness should anarchist insurrection visit Beaufort County.

    Be it further resolved, that Beaufort County's Commissioners request that the Beaufort County Sheriff have the ultimate resolve to plan for action to effectively stop any prospective lawless destruction and theft of property, to and including deputizing capable volunteers, requesting the national guard, etc., or any other feasible stratagem to quell any possible anarchist insurrection here in Beaufort County.
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