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Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing - August 11, 2020

Press Release:

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room  •  Washington D.C.  •  August 11  •  5:48 P.M. EDT

    THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I thought I'd start by talking about some mail-in voting that just was revealed — just the news. Half a million incorrect absentee ballot applications were sent all across the state of Virginia, including to many dead people. This was an unprecedented mailing flub that's heightened concerns about the integrity of expanding mail-in voting and mail-in voting efforts. It's a disaster — all over Virginia, half a million votes. So that's something you have to think about.

    We don't want to have a rigged election, I know that. And you have to be very careful when you mention, as you constantly do, Russia or you mention China or you mention Iran or others that attack our election system. And when you have this mail-in voting, it's a — it's very susceptible. It's something that can be easily attacked by foreign countries and by, frankly, Democrats and by Republicans. And I think that it's something you have to start thinking about very seriously.

    Our system is not equipped for it. The Post Office is not equipped for it. And people should vote, like they did in World War One and World War Two. And your numbers will be — in 90 days or less, your numbers will be very good, I think — much better — on the coronavirus or the China virus. But it's something you have to look about — look at and say, "This is just crazy."

    This just came out: half a million incorrect ballot applications sent all over the state of Virginia to many people that weren't living. They had some sent to pets — dogs. This is what we're going to get into, and it's going to be a disaster. And it's going to be thought of very poorly, and it's going to hurt our country.

    After our news conference Saturday night and the pro-growth announcement — we're pro-jobs, pro-health safety — executive orders — the stock market went up 358 points today. So we — we issued those executive orders, and the stock market went up 358 points today. It's quite a reaction.

    The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 are now up 50 percent since March — 50 percent. Think: If you had money in there, if you put your money in in March, you have 50 percent. The Nasdaq index continues to set new records. It's been up over 14 times; new record in Nasdaq.

    And the S&P 500 and the Dow — Dow Jones are going to be — I mean, the way they're going, it looks like they're just about going to be topping records, hopefully, soon.

    SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Sir, we're just going to have to step out in the hall (inaudible).

    THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me?

    SECRET SERVICE AGENT: We will step out outside. (Inaudible.)

    Q:  What's going on, Mr. President?

    THE PRESIDENT: Oh. Excuse me.

    (The press briefing is interrupted.)

    (The press briefing resumes.)

    THE PRESIDENT: So, thank you very much. Sorry for that. The — there was a shooting outside of the White House, and it seems to be very well under control. I'd like to thank the Secret Service for doing their always quick and very effective work. But there was an actual shooting, and somebody has been taken to the hospital. I don't know the condition of the person. It seems that the person was — was shot by Secret Service. So, we'll see what happens.

    And, yeah, did you have something? Go ahead.

    Q:  Mr. President, do you have any details about the shooting? Were they targeting anyone in and around the White House?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, we — there are no details. We just found out just now. It was outside of the White House, in this area right over here. And they'll have details for you in a little while.

    Somebody is taken to the hospital. It seems that the shooting was done by law enforcement at that person, at the suspect. It was the suspect who was shot. And this just took place. A couple of people outside — I noticed a man named John Roberts, who you know very well —


    Q:  Yes.

    THE PRESIDENT: — he reported that he heard shots. He was outside, and he heard two shots.

    Q:  Mr. President, was this a threat toward you, sir?

    THE PRESIDENT: We don't know yet. We don't know. They're — they're going to find that out.

    Q:  Do you know if the individual said anything, sir —

    THE PRESIDENT: We don't know that, yet. No.

    Q:  — or mentioned your name, anything like that?

    THE PRESIDENT: We don't know that yet.

    Q:  And you can confirm it was the Secret Service that did shoot the suspect?

    THE PRESIDENT: It seems to be. Yeah.

    Q:  It seems to be.

    THE PRESIDENT: It seems to be.

    Q:  Where were you taken, Mr. President? Were you taken to the bunker?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, we were taken just out over to the Oval Office.

    Q:  What did Secret Service tell you when you were outside of the room?

    THE PRESIDENT: Just told me, when he came up — you pretty much saw it like I did — he said, "Sir, could you please come with me?" So, you were surprised. I was surprised, also. I think it's probably pretty unusual. But very, very professional people. They do a fantastic job, as you know.

    So, it seems to me — it seems to be, from what I was said, there was a shooting. It was law enforcement shot someone — seems to be the suspect — and the suspect is now on the way to the hospital. I can't tell you the condition of the suspect.


    There was nobody else injured. There was no other law enforcement injured. And I just want to — and we'll get on to the press conference, but I do want to thank Secret Service. They are fantastic, the job they do.

    Q:  Mr. President, was the suspect armed? Do you know? Was he armed?

    THE PRESIDENT: From what I understand, the answer is yes.

    Q:  He was armed, Mr. President?

    THE PRESIDENT: That's what I understand. I don't know. You'll have to ask them that.

    Q:  (Inaudible) man or a woman?

    Q:  With what type of weapon?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don't know that, no.

    Q:  Was it a male or a female suspect?

    THE PRESIDENT: I don't know. You'll have to get that — they'll have a — they'll have a detailed — maybe a briefing for you outside later.


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