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The Biden Emails & Big Tech Censorship

Press Release:

    You may not have heard of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal if you only watched the mainstream media, or for that matter, got your news exclusively from the social media giants. The New York Post recently published an article which covered alleged evidence of misconduct found on Hunter Biden's laptop. The laptop was reportedly "abandoned" at a tech shop in Delaware, and was turned into the FBI by the shop owner, who "found evidence of criminal activity," according to Fitton. The New York Post article which shares details of this unfolding story has been "throttled back" by Facebook and Twitter, making "it difficult if not impossible to share." "This is a nightmare for the freedom of speech," Fitton explained.

    According to Fitton, the laptop's records were subpoenaed by the federal government in December of last year. However, as Fitton explains, Facebook and Twitter have censored the New York Post article with the excuse that the "content was hacked." As he explains, "they got this material, journalistically they thought it was good enough to run and they [Facebook and Twitter] censored it in unprecedented fashion... they were blocking users from linking to the New York Post story."

    According to Fitton, the records allegedly show "a Chinese communist company gave Biden all sorts of money, potentially 10 million dollars, so that he could provide introductions. These records confirm the worst possible activity by the Biden clan in terms of converting the Vice President's office into a piggy bank."

    Facebook and Twitter rely on what Fitton believes to be an incorrect reading of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. "It's a section of federal law which essentially has been interpreted by too many courts to grant absolute immunity to Twitter and Facebook to censor," Fitton states. "Go look it up, you'll find that it provides no such immunity... they just can't censor political content to help Joe Biden and hurt Trump."

    "If a company said they change their policy to target someone politically, the Securities Exchange Commission might come in, the Federal Trade Commission might come in, the DOJ might come in. Those agencies, even states Attorney General should investigate Facebook and Twitter for censoring information to help one of the candidates, in this case Joe Biden."

    Whatever happens, "you can be sure that censorship will not stop Judicial Watch. We've already sent out FOIA requests for these documents and particular emails and text documents."

    If you want to fight to make those documents public for all American to see, support Judicial Watch today, your government watchdog in Washington, DC.


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