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‘But Trump!’ Is Not an Adequate Response To Biden Criticism

Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the John Locke Foundation. The author of this post is Mitch Kokai.

    Jim Geraghty of National Review Online reacts to a common mistake made by President-elect Joe Biden's defenders.

  • If you write anything critical about the incoming Biden administration, the usual ninnies on Twitter will respond, "Where were you when Trump did X?" - never mind if you criticized the Trump administration plenty of times.
  • Joe Biden promised that he and his transition team would "abide by the highest ethical standards, act solely in furtherance of the public interest, and base all policy and personnel decisions on merit, free from individual conflicts of interest." (For now, let's put aside the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden for tax evasion, money laundering, and shady foreign associates.)
  • The post-Trump standard is being set, right now, by the decisions Joe Biden makes, and how Senate Democrats respond to those decisions.
  • Is it okay for the next secretary of defense to be a member of the board of directors of a major defense contractor such as Raytheon Technologies? Apparently so. And if there's broad agreement on that, fine. Time in the private sector can show a future secretary of defense an aspect of assembling the arsenal of democracy that other jobs might not. But if Lloyd Austin gets confirmed, I don't want to hear any further complaints about a figure with ties to a defense contractor running the Pentagon in a future Republican administration.
  • Is it okay for the next secretary of state to have founded a consulting firm that promises corporate clients a bridge from "the Situation Room to the Board Room" that refuses to disclose its clients? Because that's what Tony Blinken did. ...
  • ... Is it okay for the White House chief of staff to have been a lobbyist for major corporations such as Time Warner, US Airways, the Coalition for Asbestos Resolution (a group of asbestos producers), Imclone Systems (a biopharmaceutical company), Imperial Bioresources, Fannie Mae, the Free Trade Lumber Council, Meade Instruments, FastShip, and DHL Holdings? If so, fine.


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