"It Ain't Over Until the Fat Lady Sings" ... or, Are Some Folks Just Kidding Themselves? | Beaufort County Now | Lara Logan, a real journalist unlike those that occupy their incurious space within the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, stated on FOX and Friends, December 19, 2020, that she believes that America, our Constitutional Republic, is in for some serious trouble.

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In reference to any disagreement with Democratic Socialists over some of the states' poor and corrupt electoral administration regarding the 2020 general election, leading to extra-coordinated mass Voter Fraud ...

    Lara Logan, a real journalist unlike those that occupy their incurious space within the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, stated on FOX and Friends - December 19, 2020, that she believes that America, our Constitutional Republic, is in for some serious trouble for so many reasons: 1) 'obvious election irregularities', that cause we brighter bulbs to scream Election Fraud; 2) the 'propagandist media that is now using words like "sedition" to describe real patriots' that they could never understand, which could create a dangerous situation for those of us with real integrity, and similarly for those who heed the call of these Authoritarian Fools.

    I am, however, an optimist, and while I despise the Democratic Socialist Propagandist Media, and as someone who knows elections /politics, I also know that Joe Hiden did not win this election, and, still, I believe there is hope.

    For me, my hope resides in the mid-term elections in 2022, when all Americans may assess what it is, and has been like to be governed by non patriots like Nancy Pelosi and all her Democratic Socialist members that follow her stupid partisan power grab, and non patriot Covid Joe, the father of the "the smartest man I have ever known ... in an intellectual sense" - Hunter Biden - the genius that abandoned his laptop at a repair shop loaded with emails and notes that implicate himself and a bunch of Bidens in some true felonious stuff ... and a bunch of porn too (but, let's not get distracted here).

    What I am driving at here is that this will be investigated, and if this China money laundering for access thing is not investigated, 2023 is the year that Joe Biden, the Imposter President, is Impeached and his Socialist Sidekick Kamala Hypocrite Harris can laugh herself through his remaining term of occupancy.

    But, I digress here, there are contrary opinions ...

    For my cohort and good friend, The Hood, who thinks congress, believe it or not may have the right to correct this wrong, as prescribed in the Constitution - the 12th Amendment; which would exist as the longshot of all longshots (You see, I just re-read the 12th Amendment ... again).

    Going forward, from here until congress meets on or around January 6th, Conscientious Republican congress folk need to know they have a fight ahead of them, and could still make a difference, if only to forestall Ly'n' Joe Bid'n's occupancy of the White House, so a real investigation may be conducted into these monumental election irregularities ... some would scream "election FRAUD".

    Unlike many who demand justice, I would settle for an election do-over; once the general assemblies meet in all 50 states, and seek that their boards of elections conduct constitutionally prescribed elections ... this time, while staying in session and providing oversight until that do-over election successively concludes.

    If Covid Joe wins this "do-over", I would initiate the venerable tradition of referring to Covid Joe, The Imposter President, as President Joe Biden, but, until that time, I have a multitude of accurate descriptors that can rightly describe and reflect the Imposter in question.
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( December 21st, 2020 @ 9:38 am )
he problem with this election is extremely simple, and the courts that were presented this defense, including the Supreme Court (accept Justices Thomas and Alito), got it wrong, and none (the courts) have defended the Constitution.

This will be an ugly stain on their history.

The simple problem is that about half of the states' elections are unconstitutional, including North Carolina, and that is the reality of it.
( December 20th, 2020 @ 10:36 pm )
Trust me on this one. Hood has never read the "Art of War".

I, on the other hand, am still reading "The Hood at War".
( December 20th, 2020 @ 10:21 pm )
Firstly, the Wagnerian reference is greatly received on this end, brother!

Secondly, I want to elaborate on Unca Hood's statement as I would like to take it a step further. Trump has already outlined and told us what is to happen, it's just a matter of looking in the right place. He has already outlined per executive order that there WILL be military tribunals, mass arrests and executions. Once again, this isn't conspiracy theory.

Read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" to get a just of what is to come. I'm sure The Hood has!

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