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Roy Cooper, Commies and The Pat McCrory "Conspiracy"

    Before I get started, let me state that what you are about to read are opinions derived from common sense analysis, research, Wagner's operas, having a functional brain, old DC wartime comics and a touch of Lovecraftian influence here or there. This is going to be a wild ride!

    Shortly after the 2020 Election Extravaganza, I heard Lt. General Thomas McInerney speaking in an interview with Steve Bannon about and confirming the existence of both Operation HAMMER and SCORECARD. "It happened in 2016, Steve, except something happened to it that night when the Obama crowd and the Democrats tried to use it. I can't talk about that", said Lt. General McInerney. The Good General's statement could easily open the door to the suspicion that what happened in 2020 was tested in 2016 and possibly earlier.

    Let's go back to the 2016 NC Governor's race. The nation was watching as Governor McCrory squared off with the Obama regime and prepared to battle against Attorney General Roy Cooper, a man who had known connections to questionable people in government and abroad, for NC governor. McCrory, though known to waffle from time to time, had the support of the conservative voter which meant certain death for Cooper.....unless a plan was hatched. McCrory ALLEGEDLY lost because he changed his stance on HB2. All of that sounds convincing but if one looks a little deeper, they will find that may not be the case.

    The tactic of shutting down precincts to manufacture votes is nothing new. It happened in Durham County in 2016! Nobody seems to remember that 94,000 votes were found in an interesting location, possibly a closet, that swayed the election from Governor McCrory to Commie Cooper and his fellow Travelers. McCrory, who knew that Cooper had cheated, called for a recount and expressed concern over fraudulent absentee ballots as the numbers didn't make sense. How does your Lt. Governor win in 2016 by 330,000 votes, you lose by less than 10,000 votes and you're on the same ballot? Doesn't this sound familiar? For further insight on what I'm saying, go to the NC Board of Elections website and look at the vote totals in Durham County. Pay close attention to the DEM vote margins in key races. Notice how they all fall within a set margin that we've seen recently. This info can be easily found using your search engine of choice.

    Now, let's fast forward to the 2020 NC Governor's race. Oberkommando Cooper somehow wins, Forest "loses" and Mark Robinson is elected Lt. Governor. Last time I checked, Forest and Robinson were on the same ballot. Why are the vote tallies different? Also, how did Cooper get more votes than Biden with President Trump winning the state? Speculations among certain knowledgeable people are that North Carolina may have been or may still be under investigation by the Feds for malicious and fraudulent activity. The good people of North Carolina need to start demanding answers and conducting their own research. We The People have complete authority to assume control and remove these traitors from office! It's not only your right ... it's your duty, people!

    When you have governors frothing at the mouth to see who can read the darkest incantation from the Necronomicon ... it's time to Rock-N-Roll, ladies and gentlemen! There are some some dark forces being conjured by the opposition. We must be there to counter them on all levels.

    Pay attention to the leaks.


( December 26th, 2020 @ 11:04 pm )
There are alot of questions being asked but, as we all know, no answers are being given. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if a spaceship hovers over the Governor's mansion and destroys it with Roy inside. In the event that a blessing like this would happen, it too would be labeled as "misinformation" or "alt-right conspiracy theory".
( December 25th, 2020 @ 11:06 am )
Thanks Buzz, and do not doubt the authenticity of such.

I have complete confidence in our elections director, Kelly Hopkins, who I have know for decades, and have a wonderful relationship with; however, I know now know how Democratic Socialists can be, and will stop at nothing to grab power.

They must be stopped if we are to continue as a Constitutional Republic.
( December 24th, 2020 @ 1:59 pm )
About five years ago I found out that there was an FBI Agent who had retired in the area. I called and asked if he would speak to our Tea Party. He came and in his opening remarks, he explained how he was assigned to North Carolina.

His story was that he was a field agent and his superior called him in told him that he is reassigned to the most corrupt state in the union to survey political corruption. He immediately fired back to his superior, "Sir, I don't want to take my family to Chicago". The reply was, "I am not sending you to Chicago. I am sending you to North Carolina".
( December 24th, 2020 @ 8:03 am )
We already know that North Carolina's voters participated in an unconstitutional election, far removed from the constitutional structure of Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution. One does not hear enough about this infraction, that I have long raised the remains "Unheeded and Unheralded" -

Thank-you for your contribution echoing the call to end NC Voter Irregularities, where a corrupt SBE, a corrupt governor, and a corrupt attorney general foment instead.

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