Lessons from the Twitter Revolution - | Beaufort County Now | Steven Rader compares the Moldovan Twitter Revolution to the storming of the Capitol this week.

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  Lessons from the Twitter Revolution -

 “Who was really behind storming the Capitol?”

By Steven Rader

            The storming of the US Capitol turned into a political disaster for President Trump, and for those Republicans trying to get an accounting for the fraud in the November election.  No thinking supporters of the president would have orchestrated it, although once started, crowd behavior which is often to be caught up in the spirit of the moment will usually take over.  The motive to launch this break-in was with the left, which would benefit from it, not with President Trump, who would not.

            So who was behind it and how can we tell?  An extremely similar event in North Carolina's sister state of Moldova in April 2009 that was dubbed the “Twitter Revolution” offers a clue.

            The Twitter Revolution was so named as it was the first major political event in the world organized through social media.  The Communist Party had just won reelection in Parliamentary elections tainted by fraud, and students organized a mass protest, soon joined by supporters of the pro-western political parties, including their leaders who made speeches to the protesters.  On the first evening, and the morning of the second day things were peaceful, but that all changed on the afternoon of that second day.  First the Presidency and then the Parliament were stormed and vandalized.  Part of the Parliament building was set on fire.

            I had close to a front row seat for the Twitter Revolution and its aftermath.  At the time I was running a program training the pro-western political parties in political campaign techniques.  Our office was two blocks north of ground zero of the Twitter Revolution and I could see the flagpole on roof of the Presidency from my office window.  I lived about five blocks southeast of where I happened.  When things spiraled out of control, I sent the staff home for their safety.

            The way things transpired April 6, 2009 in Chisinau, Moldova, as well as the blame game in the aftermath were uncannily similar to the incident at the US Capitol, down to the fact that in both cases there were efforts to pull down national flags and replace them with other flags from the government buildings.  It is almost like someone studied the Twitter Revolution as a template for what happened atthe US Capitol.

            The blame game right after the event has started off the same.  The media blamed everything that happened on the groups that the protesters were openly supporting, President Trump in the US event and the pro-western parties in the Moldovan event.  The Moldovan party leaders who addressed the protesters were blamed for inciting the incident, just as President Trump is similarly being blamed here merely for addressing the rally earlier. In Moldova, the government run TV channel put out an hour long documentary entitled “Attack on Moldova” putting the blame on the pro-western parties and broadcast it multiple times.

            What ultimately was shown in Moldova after weeks of investigation and also likely happened in America was that provocateurs from the other side were the ones who initially breached the buildings, knowing from usual crowd behavior that some people from the main body of protesters would get caught up in the moment and follow them in.  The initial breach of the buildings was a set up to blame the other side

            What photos and videos showed in Moldova was that a group of people, all with large cloth sacks of rocks all showed up about the same time and in a coordinated effort attacked the Presidency. They later moved to the Parliament building and attacked it.  None of these people were known initially to political or student activists, but some were later identified as Communist activists and others criminals who had been released early from jail to participate in the attack.  The people changing the flags on the Parliament building were seen in a photo done with a telephoto lens. One was a policeman (from the Communist controlled police) and the other a Communist agitator who had been previously photographed with Communist protesters against several of the pro-western parties.  Once his name was known, it also came out that his father had a high position with the Communist government.

            So, it became clear that the instigators of the violent and destructive acts were Communist plants who anticipated correctly that once they got the ball rolling, usual crowd behavior would bring others into the fray.  A similar scheme was very likely in play at the US Capitol with ANTIFA or BLM serving as the false flag storm troopers.  Already, several people who were photographed in protests inside the Capitol during the riots have been identified as being previously photographed at BLM protests.  One major far-left organizer, John  Sullivan, a Utah resident who founded the far left Insurgence USA, which has ties to BLM, actually photographed the shooting of Ashli Babbit inside the Capitol and sent the photo out on social media.  It will take time, probably, for photos to emerge of the initial break-in, but when they do, it will be critical to determine who those responsible really are and which side they are actually on.  Those projecting a false flag persona often wear the gear of the side they are impersonating, so  a thorough background investigation will be needed.

            Unfortunately, American conservatives do not have the time that pro-western Moldovans did to establish who really were the instigators.  A tight time frame has already led to the collapse of the efforts to get a real investigation of the election fraud on November 3.  Even worse, the media bias in the United States is at least as bad as it was under the Communists in Moldova and they are likely to cover up the real story once it comes out.  Another problem in America is too many Republican politicians have spines of jelly and will cave in to the media and Democrats.

            Things came out well in the end for the pro-western parties in Moldova.  Even cheating, the Communists had ended up one seat short of the super majority needed to re-elect their president, and under the Constitution, a new Parliamentary election had to be called.  The pro-western parties got their message out, going around the media, and won that new election, forming the new government and putting one of their own in the Presidency..  Even if the real culprits are finally identified, it is unlikely that America will have such a happy ending to this travesty.

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( January 10th, 2021 @ 10:35 am )
I agree with your assessment. Of course the mainstream media has immediately chimed in on cue and will undoubtedly continue hammering away with their depraved narrative. I think the thing that has bothered me the most is seeing how many elected Republicans have used this contrived incident to, publically and with great fanfare, bail from the efforts to work for honest elections. How convenient and how pathetically disappointing.

Although, I do see a silver lining; now there is little doubt concerning who is who and where everyone stands. Obviously, the swamp is very, very deep and very, very wide.

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