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Mission Command: The Quantum Patriot Experience

    It has been a little while since I've joined you. I, like many of you, have been analyzing and vetting credible intel when time allows. The past 13 days have caused some to jump ship. They've given up hope because they can't believe what they're seeing and hearing. What if I told you that what you're seeing and hearing from the Texas Chainsaw Media isn't really what's happening?

    What if I told you that everything you are witnessing IS the distraction from what's REALLY happening?

  1. Remember Judy Shelton?
  2. Remember talk of the FED?
  3. "Gold Standard" vaccines?
  4. Have you heard of DUMB's?
  5. Who is reading a script?

    I've mentioned several times that we are in a Psychological and Spiritual War. These PsyOps are the real deal! I'll give you three more clues:

  • - Operation Mockingbird
  • - MK ULTRA

    This information is real and Patriots need to acknowledge the truth. You have to admit TO yourself that something isn't right and actually investigate FOR yourself instead of waiting for a white horse to ride in. The former political landscape we knew is now a dystopian "cluster" and that we either adapt or be conquered.

    "The Quantum Patriot Experience" isn't for everybody as it pushes a mind to outer limits that may be uncomfortable at times. It's our DUTY to educate those who desire to see. We MUST advocate open and critical thinking as they are both simple but crucial elements in defeating the "invisible enemy" on the local, state and national levels. Whether you choose to believe it or not, what some label as "QAnon Conspiracy Theory" happens right in our backyard!

    Being a "Quantum Patriot" isn't easy. Describing the Annunaki and the Constitution in the same sentence tends to raise eyebrows but where there's a Joker.....there has to be a Batman. Thinking outside of the box is liberating. The chains of a former corporate system of enslavement are breaking quicker than expected.

    Break the chains, HOLD THE LINE and get ready for some Quantum Rock-N-Roll!


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Oh, but that NC had a strong conservative legislature and governor


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