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Haymaker: It’s Alive !!! (The Return of the NC House Freedom Caucus)


Former congressman Mark Meadows was influential in the establishment and operation of the US House Freedom Caucus.  The Freedom Caucus is a group of Republicans willing to stand firm against party leadership on anything that looks like big government and / or a violation of the party platform.  The Caucus also recruits and funds like-minded candidates to run for Congress.

Congressman (and former state Rep.) Greg Murphy told us during his first campaign that he was going to join and passionately support the US House Freedom Caucus.  The next time you see him, ask him how all that is going.

Over in the North Carolina House, a version of the Freedom Caucus has been laying dormant for some time.  But it appears to be back, under the leadership of Rep. Keith Kidwell (R), and  includes 17 other legislators.  Here’s the full list of members:

Keith Kidwell (Chairman)

Bobby Hanig (Vice-Chairman)

Jeff McNeely (Secretary)

Mark Brody

Mike Clampitt

George Cleveland

Ed Goodwin

Ben Moss

Larry Pittman

Mark Pless

Larry Potts

Jason Saine

Carson Smith

Harry Warren

Diane Wheatley

Donna White

Larry Yarborough

Jeff Zenger


The presence of Jason Saine on this list sets off all kinds of alarms.  Saine is a stooge for Speaker Timmy and his pals.  Surely,  the purpose of his membership is to keep tabs on the group for Timmy and the gang.

As tight as the partisan margin is in the House,  eighteen votes standing together and holding firm could make this group quite influential.  They can stop leadership from pushing through big government crap.  Without these guys,  you’re not getting ANYTHING past the Democrat opposition.  Hopefully, this lasts and stays strong.

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