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While most Republicans seem to be of the mind that the FBI lost the plot long ago, the once storied agency seems intent on providing even more evidence of that.

The latest example comes via an obscure, yet incredible admission by FBI Director Christopher Wray. Rep. Brad Wenstrup, who was shot at the day of the Congressional baseball shooting that almost took Rep. Steve Scalise’s life, says that the FBI ended up labeling the incident as a “suicide by cop”

Yes, I’m serious.



Of note is that the FBI has had no problem calling what happened on January 6th domestic terrorism. During that event, not a single Congressional member was harmed, but the mere threat was enough for Wray to not mince words in his press conferences and while giving testimony before Congress. Yet, here’s the same organization calling the attempted assassination of GOP Congressional members a “suicide by cop.” It’s almost as if politics have completely permeated the bureau and they are making determinations based on what fits their preferred narratives.

That brings me to a broader point. Have you ever wondered why “white supremacist attacks” and the like are always claimed by the FBI and the media to be so prevalent when you hardly ever see them occur? Every year, we get a headline over at the Post and Times about how “right-wing terrorism” is the most dangerous threat to the country. What Rep. Wenstrup exposed here is how that narrative gets created. The system is rigged in how they categorize these crimes. If a left-wing Bernie Sanders fan tries to assassinate Republican representatives and says he did it over politics, that gets jotted down as a ho-hum suicide by cop. Yet, the standard for labeling something “white supremacy” or “right-wing” appears to be so broad as to lose all meaning.

Meanwhile, the FBI is laser-focused on what really matters.


We may have just had another mass shooting in which the FBI was tipped off about the shooter multiple times, but at least Wray has hired a chief diversity officer.

If we are fortunate enough to garner another Republican president, their first order of business should be to absolutely clean house at the FBI and DOJ, and I’m not just talking about political appointees.

Source:  More Evidence That the FBI Is Completely Compromised Arises – RedState

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